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Wormdumpling Family Portrait, All Hallow's Eve 1873 | by HaggisVitae
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Wormdumpling Family Portrait, All Hallow's Eve 1873

Though they enjoyed each others' company immensely, it was ever-so-rare that the Wormdumpling siblings left the damp dark of their looming Victorian home on the hill overlooking Clamaltown and ventured out onto the porch for a portrait. Seemingly, the light of day turned the corners of their mouths down, made their eyes wilt and their general affectation gloomy. It was only in the dark, with tiny photons of light slipping sneekily through the shades to give shape to their otherwise amorphous forms, that they felt most alive and yes, happy.


There was Glum, with his pet raven, looking out with ease, not the least embarassed by the peculiar shape of his head, General Bilge, the eldest, who insisted always on fashioning a paper doily into a head piece, and lastly the co-joined Eldabee (bottom) and Darnia (top), sisters but never quite friends. It is believed that this portrait was taken just before Darnia ran away from home and joined the circus leaving Eldabee to pine away her days in front of the ouija board chanting, "Who dat!" unendingly.

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Taken on October 4, 2007