Two Faced

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I think we are all capable of that aren't we? Although I do like to think that I am more of a worrier and peace-maker than a bitcher!


This pic didn't quite turn out how I had planned. I may attempt to do the original idea again but I'm going with this cos it looks kinda springish and I'm feeling more springy than I have these past few weeks.


So I want to hear something that you have done that will make me laugh. It has to be ridiculous. I have a few stories i could tell you that have happened but here is one confession that is pretty bad but well deserved!


I used to work in this office that was very male orientated which was fine, but my boss .........well he thought of himself as a bit of a hunk in trunks! He was always creeping about, trying to rub himself up on you at any given opportunity but was also very chauvinistic at the same time. So at break time when nobody else seemed to make the tea was when I seized the opportunity to seek my revenge.


All I can say is I had great satisfaction on him thanking me for that lovely cuppa and boy was the pleasure all mine ;-)


So come on let me know what you did that was so bad. I need a giggle!

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Taken on March 8, 2009