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Well what can I say - I promised to post this no matter what but I hope you will understand why I have not made it the main shot for my 100th Stranger. I took several other shots with the same camera but focusing further away and those came out well so I guess the distance meter needs calibrating :(.


I am pleased with the exposure though - it's really pretty close given the lack of an on-board meter and the slightly convoluted steps I took to get the exposure.


This shot was taken with an Agfa Isolette II. I metered using my DSLR set to ISO400 and finding the widest aperture within the Isolette's rather slow 1/200s shutter range. Distance was metered via a hot-shoe accessory but I might as well have used my shoe laces ;). It was shot on Fujifilm Superia 400 120 CN and sent away for lab developing and scanning.


This shot is in a way remarkably important - my continuation of the 100 Strangers project is called "99% Digital" as a direct result of this photo and once I have attempted to calibrate the distance meter (what are those things called) I will be loading the Agfa up again. I also have a 35mm Agfa Silette which might get a test drive some day as well although I prefer the idea of the bellows Isolette and it's nice to know that the bellows are still sound with no light leaking in.


This image means a lot to me - this camera was "mine" when I was a kid and I have fond memories of it - especially a shot with a deliberate double exposure (of which I accidentally managed two on this roll) where I was playing cards against myself. The camera was almost sold recently due to a misunderstanding between my Dad and I regarding who it belonged to ... my Dad thought I wasn't interested in it because I had given it back but in reality I had returned it because I didn't regard it as mine rather that I had it on loan. Luckily the misunderstanding was cleared up before it was too late ;).


Hopefully future shots will be more flattering to the subject ...

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Taken on June 13, 2012