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#109 John | by haggisandchips
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#109 John

At last, a stranger encounter where I felt completely relaxed throughout ... it's been a long time coming this time around.


I've been planning to ask John for a while, I first noticed him over Christmas wearing a Santa outfit and I thought about it then but decided that I didn't want to go for the novelty aspect so I passed on. With John it was genuinely that I was biding my time, not the same as Jez where I procrastinated for just as long but on that occasion there was a real fear factor involved. Finally, I decided the time was right, he wasn't talking to anybody and I liked the hat he had on today ;).


John agreed as soon as I had the first few words out of my mouth and I knew this was going to be enjoyable and indeed I ended up talking to him for easily 10 minutes before taking his photo which is quite out of keeping with my normal "routine".


John has had a varied career, spending time in the RAF before going on to law and qualifying as a junior barrister ... but, it wasn't for him so he "made his Mum proud" by quitting law to become a DJ. He later setup his own business as an entertainment promotions agency which he still has ... just as well too as his current job is about to go - after 250 years of Chronicle street vendors there will be no more from next Friday (28 February) as it does not fit with the image of a modern digital newspaper. Perhaps a little artistic license in my "just as well too" statement :-) as John was immediately offered a new job in marketing going round the big outlets to ensure they are maximising their sales. Best of luck with that John ... and of course with the new Ice Cream Parlour Bike ;).


I reckoned John would be a dead cert for my "what's the maddest thing you've ever done" question but he struggled off the top of his head but he did decided that proposing to his future wife in a hot air balloon 1500ft above the Nile at 5am was a contender. Mad I'm not so sure but definitely romantic.


Thanks very much for your time today John, it was a pleasure speaking with you. All the best with your new job and venture and if I see you I'll remember to ask for an ice cream from the left hand side ;).



Please feel free to provide constructive critique on the technical aspects of this photograph.


This photo is #9 in my 2nd round of the 100 Strangers project. My 1st round lives here ... 100 Strangers (Round 1).


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Taken on February 17, 2014