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shopping lines | by katachthonios
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shopping lines

PCA44 - Lead and follow.


WIT: Bill shopping the dairy section. The lines from the shelving, the lines from the lights, and the lines in the floor all converge on Bill's head. Also, Bill is dressed in black (as usual) so the contrast between him and the rest of the clean bright store is greater as well (not that Bill isn't clean and bright - just in a different way).


When I thought of doing this, I was thinking of the opening scene from the Big Lebowski in Ralphs where the Dude walks in and opens the half and half from the shelf. The store lights are perpendicular to the dairy case in that scene though, and the camera starts a little lower - For my shot, I liked this angle for the converging lines. The opening of BL always struck me since it seems pretty artistic for such a banal locality - the only thing I didn't count on or have the standing to change (I bet this didn't happen to the Cohn brothers!) is the night stocking boxes everywhere.


My only concern is that this subject is really tough to think of as wall worthy; even if executed perfectly - however that might be - shopping dairy just doesn't feel poignant.


No one said Boo about me taking pictures in the Giant Eagle at night either, and a couple employees actually gave me a berth as I was shooting.


Edit: I'm not awesome at PS so I chose not to clone in the empty shelf (I might try - since, as Heather points out, it would make the picture better if I can pull it off) the only PP is a slight crop and a slight change in WB when importing from raw. Also, I might have tried a deeper DOF, since I obviously had the light, but then maybe the subject wouldn't have stood out as much or I might have gotten some camera shake.


Since I'm often trying to get images for the assignments I find myself with several ideas and end up shooting a lot which is great; the bad part is that I sometimes have to decide between a couple very disparate photos which meet the criteria for the assignment - I have a couple others clustered around this one that I might have submitted - if you're interested they are tagged with "pca44alt".

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Taken on October 26, 2008