• Simon Toncman (57†)
    Returned to his homecountry the Netherlands, started a family and became a successful businessman.
    He refused to talk about this photo till the day he died.
  • Mel Mermelstein (81)
    Born in Hungary, today he lives in America.
    During a spectaculair trial against people claiming the Holocaust is a lie he provided evidence about gas chambers where he lost his entire family.
  • Naftali Fürst (75)
    Born in Bratislava, found his new home in Haifa in Israel.
    After 60 years of silence he published his memoirs.
  • Paul Argiewicz (82)
    Lost his Polish father and Bavarian mother in Concentration Camps.
    In 1950 he left for the USA, where he talks about the war in schools.
  • Elie Wiesel (79)
    Fought for the right of Israel to excist.
    Wrote books about the Holocaust.
    For his fight against violence, opression, and racism he received the 1986 Nobel price for peace.
  • Heiman Leefsma
    According to Buchenwald documentation he was born on 11th of july 1924 in the Netherlands.
    He was an electrician.
    Nothing is known about what happened to prisoner 130 305 after the end of the war.
  • Max Hamburger (88)
    Before his arrest he was active in the Dutch Resistance in Amsterdam.
    He only survived Auschwitz because he could work as a medical assistant.
    Today he lives in Belgium and has talks about his war experiences.
    Dutch wikipedia page;
  • Nikolaus Grüner (80)
    Born in Hungary, when this photo was taken he was suffering from tuberculosis.
    Moved to Australia but since the 1960s he is living in Sweden.
    Here is a video interview; videos.modbee.com/vmix_hosted_apps/p/media?id=1974502&...

Buchenwald Concentration Camp Prisoners identified

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Buchenwald prisoners as they looked when found by allies during the liberation of their Concentration Camp.
Some of the people in this photo have been identified, click on their faces to learn of their fate.

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  1. zusjes weblog 94 months ago | reply

    De info erbij maakt het nog indrukwekkender.

  2. cameramercenary [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    It frightens me that mankind can be this cruel to another.
    I just can't understand it.

  3. drewzel 93 months ago | reply

    Thank you for the detail on this. Fascinating.

  4. rosewithoutathorn84 85 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Jewish People and History - Ancient and Modern, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. Dudy Braun 82 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Yiddish, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. emmaziva1 81 months ago | reply

    Thank you juffrouwjo for sharing these photos and getting the identities of some of the prisoners in the photo especially the well known Eli Wiesel, thank you again. B.t.w. I volunteer with Holocaust survivors.

  7. froter 69 months ago | reply

    Thank You for remembering. The follow up is very healthy for the survival of Israel and Her people. Good for you!

  8. rebecca43c 69 months ago | reply

    I have a copy of this photo in a frame to remind me that we must never be silent. Thank you for this update to the photo... Many times I have wondered about the others along with Elie Wiesel who faced such horror.

  9. Fani1995 67 months ago | reply

    I feel bad for this people:(

  10. weggum 62 months ago | reply

    Vond deze foto toen ik op zoek was naar Block 56 in Buchenwald. In deze barak is Ben Biallosterski overleden, twee dagen nadat hij uit Sachsenhausen hier was aangekomen.
    Ben probeerde joods kinderen te redden door ze naar onderduik adressen te vervoeren.
    Hij was 20 toen hij overleed.

  11. 4tzion18 61 months ago | reply

    Paul Argiewicz, the young man pictured on the third bunk from the bottom, the third person from the left (with two soup pots) is the subject of a biography written about his four and a half year experience in the camps (he was in SEVEN of them). He was only eleven years old when he was arrested for stealing bread for his starving family in the ghetto (he used to sneak out through the barbed wire) and was not yet fifteen when he was liberated by the American troops. He survived a 150-mile death march from Blechhammer to Buchenwald (in sub-zero temperatures) and escaped his scheduled execution date by nine days (he was to be killed on April 20 along with hundreds of Jews as a birthday present to Hitler). This book - Number 176520 - is one of the most moving and miraculous stories I have ever read. You can get it online (www.paulsstory.com) or just visit the website to learn more about Mr. Argiewicz. Keep the memories alive. Don't let the world forget.

  12. 84hasnovideos 54 months ago | reply

    Argiewicz and Wiesel are MOST DEFINITELY - NOT - in this picture.

    you do not have to be a facial recognition expert to realize this.
    (pictures of argiewicz taken in 1946 absolutely demolish this claim)

    furthermore, Wiesel claims in (i believe it's "Night") his book, that he was hospitalized 3 days after the liberation(11th), which would make it impossible for him to be in this picture (taken on the 15th), not even taking into account that he should've been in block#66 (orphan block) and not block#56 (where the picture was taken)

    remembrance is fine and commendable, fraud is not.

  13. hfrydman1 51 months ago | reply

    The picture of argiewicz is DEFINITELY not him. It is in actuality my father, David Frydman. I am searching for pictures of my father and will post them soon. He passed away in 2000. I know this is him. You will see when I post pics of him

  14. Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse 48 months ago | reply

    Tabea It is mentioned in the description.

  15. okierunner67 43 months ago | reply

    I met an Auschwitz survivor here in the States several years ago. I do not know if that is his given name. He was able to escape Auschwitz because he was a tailor for the Germans. Wonderful man and when my eldest daughter was about 12 (7 years ago) we met with him and he told her his story (we have him on video - or should still have it). I have not seen him since and I do not know if he is still alive. Thank you so much for these wonderful photos and insight into life during WWII I wonder if he knew any of these men.

  16. sakatlaw 42 months ago | reply

    I have a book purchased in Auschwitz in 1997 that shows this historic picture on its cover. Sadly, that picture does not show the tall man, Simon, in the picture. Nor does this tall man appear in the same picture that appeared in the NY Times archaive photo published in May 1945. As such, this photo is highly suspect as doctored and may be completely fraudulaent as to who is in it. Be vigilent as to who claims to be in the photo and ask why. I have learned that some 5 million people have claimed to have attended Woodstock, yet we all know that at most only 450,000 were in fact there in attendance.

  17. Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse 42 months ago | reply

    sakatlaw I have heard that story as well but do not give it much credit.
    Most serious historians feel the same and it seems that only the holocaust deniers and revisionist websites give it a lot of attention.
    The tall man was in the picture that was published even before it was shown in Time, if there is any kind of tampering going on it is that someone removed the tall man for this one publication in stead of adding him for all the others.
    There are countless photos that show much more horrific pictures of the holocaust, but those who like to believe it all didn't happen are clutching at straws because they find one they think may have been doctored, even if this proofs nothing.
    Until some proper historians come up with some decent evidence, stay away from the dodgy websites that claim lots of nonsense about the holocaust.

  18. miche418 37 months ago | reply

    can you please update us about your father? Can we see photographic evidence that it is him and not Argiewicz? Of course, with a little bit of common sense and decent vision one will find that Argiewicz was lying about being in the photograph. (As well as Wiesel and many of the others who claimed they were there).

  19. murraymatzner 16 months ago | reply

    It is obvious that my uncle Paul Argiewicz is not the person indicated in the photo. It looks nothing like him, and is in fact proved not to be him in his own memoir book.... on the page opposite to the famous photo, where a drivers license photo one year later does not resemble this face at all. In particular, he did not have eyebrows that curved so far around his eyes.

    The assertion that he is present in this photo was nonexistent until 2008, the year his memoir book was published. Since his ghost written book gets so very many facts and stories wrong, as the website associated with book sales also does, and stains a courageous man of integrity who is greatly missed because he is no longer with us, it appears that the false assertion is associated with the factually compromised book.

    Please note the comment provided by his ghost writer, who attempts to keep her identity secret, 4zion18.

    I have also seen a photo where my uncle is the man one bunk lower, and to the left, a sleeping man facing away from the camera, who is indicated as my uncle with a vertical arrow.

    I don’t know what it is with this photo. The individual indicated as Mr. Wiesel appears to have a receding hairline although a published image of him at age 15 prior to deportation does not have such a hairline. I believe that neither he or my uncle appear in the photo, and it appears to me that at least in the case of my uncle, that it was someone else pushing for him to be present.

    My uncle was a wonderful, warm, caring, courageous, person who inspired so many with his exceptional love of life and people… but he isn’t in this photograph.

    RIP, uncle. Your love lives on.
    2015 Sheboygan, Wisconsin

  20. mosesofmason 6 months ago | reply

    I am not a revisionist, but could anyone tell me why the standing man is not there on New York Times printed May 6th, 1945???

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