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mouse in a box | by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse
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mouse in a box

Today I was in the attic when I heard a strange noise and I must confess I was a bit startled when I saw a old matchbox move!

I was a bit dissapointed that it wasnt a ghost but a tiny mouse,

I live in a house from 1918 that has 5 floors so I wasnt suprised to discover mice in my attic and im not to bothered about it.

I like mice, as long as they promise not to eat my books.

When I entered the attic his family must have run off, junior here was too slow or perhaps he had fallen asleep in his new little home, a matchbox.

His instinct wasnt quite up to date either, as he lay in the box he just looked at me and wasnt scared at all.

So I ran off to get my camera and when I got back he was still there.

Perhaps he was embarrassed to get out of bed so late hehehe.

So I made a few photos as he crawled out of the box and looked at me.

I felt his new house was perhaps a bit too small, so I gave him a new one, a old agfa box.

Not much later I was delighted and amazed to see he had actually moved into the new house.

After making photos I realised he probably couldn't get out of the bucket this box was in so I helped him get out, turned the bucket upside down and left the boxes on the floor.

They mysteriously disappeared.


I will be spending more time in the attic hehehe,


PS, the matchbox and the agfa box are both reproductions, so not really 60-70 years old

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Taken on August 26, 2007