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Horsemen | by h.koppdelaney
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This sculpture is a wonderful artwork in the city of Detmold. Just a few minutes you walk to the castle or to the well known opera house. This outstanding artwork by Wilfried Koch expresses his utopian idea of the fall of the Four Horsemen. It is placed in front of the “Landesmuseum”.


The six chapter of John’s „Revelation“ (Apocalypse) are a graphic and eloquent vision of the horror of the end of the world. Plague, war, famine and death in the form of four horsemen bring ruin over the world.


I think Koch’s Utopia is a wonderful optimistic idea. Maybe one day there is no more need to reign with fear and this brutal chapter of manipulation by hectoring people’s mind can be closed.


In my concept the “end of the world” (or better said the fear) is evoked by A1. All governors who are motivated by A1 talk about great dangers and in the next sentence they say, there is no need to be afraid too much, because they have a solution in mind. You just have to trust and support them. Ok, vote me for…


In my picture the Horsemen fall is not Utopia (outside world) because of the light. Consciousness (inside world) can see the source of the danger: Agent Smith. This name is well known to those who have seen the movie Matrix. Agent Smith is a metaphor for repression, force and fear. He represents the principal of the night, the dark also called “Mephisto”.

Many people still hope, the fight against evil will be won one day. Maybe one day there will be no night. Maybe one day there will be a never ending peace. The fall of the Horsemen continues this hope.

I agree, because I found, inner peace is possible. The world in fact did not change a lot during my lifetime (nearly 60 years). The reasons for fears change all the time. The fear keeps the same. Since I know the source is in my psyche, I must not listen any longer to those who are empowered by A1 and make me fear.

A1 is the most powerful energy in my concept. This energy has the ability to evoke fear in other men. In a moment you are empowered by A1 you can – and often you have to do so – frighten other people. A high level of motivation energy A1 makes me believe in an Apocalypse = the fear has got me.






Wenn die apokalyptischen Reiter (das Prinzip der Angst vor Autorität) gefallen sind, ist die Seele von diesen „Dämonen“ und ihren Wahnideen befreit. Früher hatte das Prinzip A1 in Form meines Vaters Macht über mich. Diese Macht hat mich als Kind stark eingeschüchtert. Ich habe daher „freiwillig“ zurück gesteckt.



Übrigens die Gottevorstellungen des alten Testaments - das heißt der zürnende Gott - hat sehr viel gemeinsam mit dem dunklen Aspekt der A1: Einschüchterung, Drohnung, Bestrafung. A1 hat die Energie und die Legitimation, diese anzuwenden. Die Legitimation ist ein inneres Gefühl, Recht zu haben. Und das Recht ist aus der Sicht von A1 das Recht des Stärkeren.




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Taken on December 4, 2009