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From another Dimension | by h.koppdelaney
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From another Dimension

The Dimension of the Light


These musicians bring sound from there to here... goooood sound!


Crossing borders from one world to another means changing the way of perception. The most important door is consciousness itself. Ice turns into water and water into mist but it is still the same element, H2O. Consciousness turns into the state of dreaming, into weirdness, into clarity, into sleep… but it is still the same “element”: consciousness…

Those who have experienced altered states of consciousness are like shamans. They travel from one “world to another”. They change dimensions. Consciousness creates and experiences other dimensions…


Music from another dimension means to taste a bit of the Holy Spirit of the Mother, means the vibration of transcendence…


Shamans know, we are made out of light and those, who have been on a journey with them, probably know it as well….




This picture shows the musicians of the group Fabula. It is also dedicated to those which were not shown here.

I will post some more pictures of the group later on. This set of 4 pics is it for the moment.

Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun, doing these images!!


Just to get an idea how they play: re=PlayList&...




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Taken on July 29, 2009