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    A mosquito resting on a leaf @ Kaona Grill

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    1. radical_MK 102 months ago | reply

      Maaaaaaaaaaaaan... This Sucks!


    2. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      lol... next time I'd have to wait for one to "suck" me and then take a shot of it. ;)

    3. radical_MK 102 months ago | reply

      hehehe be sure its not the dengue carrying species.. but on the second thought.. some pics of cute nurses would be interresting.

    4. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      the dengue carrying species looks very interesting with all those stripes... I'll just have to go to an area that has no reported incident of dengue and rely on luck. :)

    5. claude (ex-claudio) 102 months ago | reply

      Zzzis izzz zzzuperb, yezzz

    6. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      Thank you musicorso. I had a few bites from others while I took this shot. Unfortunately, they all flew away once I turned to them... perhaps I should put one arm as bait next time... I'd really love to take a pic of these on my skin. :)

    7. takejiro 102 months ago | reply

      nice macro!! makaibog sad!

    8. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      salamat tekejiro.

    9. AΫΪΝĞ 102 months ago | reply

      curious lang ko Gerald, handheld nimo pagkuha sa mga macro shots? ....grabe ka nindot uy!!! keep it up!!! :)

    10. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      shutterbuggg, yup all shots are handheld... thanks for the compliment and encouragement. :)

    11. [2]rokbot[2]y 102 months ago | reply

      Good for you dili kurog imong kamot. Kani laging pasmado ta, dba Farl, mangita ug manginahanglan ta ug tripod most often than not.

      Nindot ug wayuk.

    12. Gerald Yuvallos 102 months ago | reply

      idol Maning, kinsa ingon dili ko kurog ug kamot? :P

      Salamat diay sa pag-bisita. :)

    13. [2]rokbot[2]y 102 months ago | reply

      Aw utro sab diay ka?! Na mao. Saon kada human, hugas man dayon, resulta PASMO nga mga KAMOT!

      Way sapayan. Magpundok ta usa sa ang pasko ug larga ni Farl aron mahimamat nako ang ubang dalaygon sa Flickr Cebu/Sugbo!

    14. k*noel*l 102 months ago | reply

      A Filipino Emergency Room Nurse at a large hospital here came back from a Philippine vacation with a fever. Before the doctors figured out what it was, he was dead - dengue! His grave plot lies next to my mother's and always, there's fresh flowers from a grieving wife and teenage sons. They were talking about suing the hospital.

    15. [2]rokbot[2]y 102 months ago | reply

      Oh my, how sad. Are they not aware about dengue? I mean this is one very common sickness.

    16. k*noel*l 102 months ago | reply

      By statistics, medical malpractice, here in the U.S. is rampant, but only few reaches the court. I for one suffered permanent neurological damage, those doctors, tonto man gihapon, they never had those cases before. Adto ka man dinhi, patyon mo sila tanan!

    17. Neanderthal Wanderlust 99 months ago | reply

      lovely photo, but I hate those bastards

    18. Steve_Song 8 months ago | reply

      Many thanks for sharing this under a Creative Commons license. It was just the image I wanted for this post

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