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The Maid's Dream

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Let's face it, who never dreamed about escaping from their workplace and lazying somewhere in the sun instead? ;-)


I tried to imagine the thoughts of a maid, tired of all the cleaning, flying towards better horizons.


All the photos and processing are mine as usual:

- The buildings are located in "La Defense", the business district next to Paris

- The flying machine is real: it was constructed directly in my home-studio, although I had to shoot the 2 wings separately due to lack of brooms. Of course it does not really fly ;-) It was attached to a beam to hold it in the air.

- My wife kindly posed (again!), the feet on a chair to hold them in the air

- The fire was shot during a barbecue evening (I purposely made some big flames using lots of small branches)


Now I have to clean the house!

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Taken on August 12, 2012