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Nevermind | by Christophe Kiciak
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There have been several discussions recently around me about what is art, or what it is not. My view on the subject is that one shouldn't care much about definitions nor categories. I don't believe it is important at all how a work is called: if it is good enough, if it creates interest, rules will be stretched so that it fits in whatever box people feel it belongs to.


In that sense, I really like Dadaism. The well-known example of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is quite interesting: a simple object ("readymade", an urinal in that case) became a piece of art for many (even "the most influential work of modern art" for many art experts), simply because it was not supposed to be one. The irony amuses me much.


Some words about my picture:

- The background is real, it is a church located in Dabo, a town in the East of France. I drove a few kilometers around it until I found an angle that I liked.

- The sky was taken the same day, a bit later: the sun was moved to the center of the scene though. If you look carefully, you will notice tree's shadows are not consistent with the sun, but I ran out of time to address that problem.

- Elephants are toys, shot at home: the photos have been textured and deformed for more realism.

- The sign was shot not far from my house, although its content have been changed from a speed limit to that more fantasist one.

- The rock, balloons and strings have been also shot in my home studio.


I didn't tweak things much, mainly colours and curves adjustments so that the different photos would fit together in a convincing way.

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Uploaded on October 7, 2011