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Maenhir, Graianog. | by Gwylan
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Maenhir, Graianog.

Maenhir, Graianog. Mae llwybyr cyhoeddus i'r garreg.

Standing Stone, Graianog... I always ask myself why here? Can you see the Television mast... the Romans built a camp on that hill...Why that one?.. And to the West, not in shot, you can see the Bronze Age hill fort of Tre Ceiri.

Did the stone once communicate something, like the TV mast does today?

There is a scene in Dr Who where the Doctor wanders through a museum shouting: "Wrong. Wrong. Bit right, mostly wrong. I love museums!" ...

The stone still stands plumb even after a couple of thousand years. So whoever put it up had some string and a stone and the wit to use them. Then I wonder how much work... I saw some Scotts move a large stone using seaweed . Mining this stone would be a lot of effort but getting it here might not be a big problem...When I look at putting it upright in a hole and jamming the foundation tight... hmm ... I have seen some stones in Brittany that are very big. But this one (2.85 m high above ground)... if you made a ramp, and or a wooden crane... Surely a 5 man team would knock this job in a day, 2 or 3 days max? Perhaps if they got a Druid in it would stretch to 5 days with extra mead. Human sacrifice gratis, depending on availability? If it only took them a couple of days to put it upright, then they were proffessionals... it's lasted a long time. Oh I said Druid - Although these stones have Celtic names: Maen hir; Menhir (long stone) and Asterixs' friend Obelix is always carrying them about for the druid Getafix, they have nothing to do with the Celts or Druids... Druids are associated with trees, sacred groves; mistletoe, and golden sickles, but not stones...



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Taken on September 13, 2012