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In the course of our meanderings in and around downtown Phoenix during First Friday, we stopped in a little boutique shop on the west side of town, where cobalt spent all of $10.00 for a very nice leather jacket. I didn't buy anything, but with permission of the owners, I did take a few pictures, of which my clear favorite was this one. I spotted this pleasant and personable young woman trying on a pair of boots that were nearly as tall as I am, and unable to resist, I asked if I could take her picture. She very graciously consented to my request, and I hope she enjoyed the impromptu model shoot as much as I did. I found a suitable vantage point and took a couple of test shots, and perhaps experience is indeed the best teacher because I quickly and instinctively made the necessary adjustments on my SB600 speedlight, and did not have to spend much time fiddling with it.


Altogether I took perhaps a half-dozen exposures, and as I said, I liked this one best, although at least one other from this series might be posted here later. This shot was only semi-posed, and she really was struggling to put on the boot, which proved to be a bit too small for her feet.


I let her look at the pictures, which I told her would be uploaded to Flickr, and we exchanged introductions. Her name is Raquel, which I said was a lovely name. It appears to suit her quite well. (Raquel is the Spanish equivalent of Rachel, which is also one of my favorite names in English, partly because of the Bible story behind it.)


A companion photo, taken a few moments earlier and uploaded to Flickr the next day, may be seen here, although I very much prefer this one.


Raquel, if you happen to see this and want to use it on Facebook or some other website, you have my permission. If you are unable to download it, send me a Facebook message and I'll help you do it. (I forgot to give you my e-mail address while I was at that store.)


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Taken on September 3, 2010