day 81/365 silly photo- great story.

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    haha I thought of doing this photo thismorning , so i go and take the photo and then edit- then when i sign into flickr i see a similar photo by Finn haha.. coincidence much?! this always seems to happen :) sorry fin haha.Before I start (and this will be long) thank you so much to wimbi for the testimonial- it's really lovely.
    Everyone should check out his project- it's amazing... theres no other words for it (by the way- I'll reply to your flickr mail soon haha).
    Ok so really do not like this picture - but there's a story behind it:
    I wrote this essay for english and i'm quite proud of it- so i decided to share it with you.. WARNING it's quite sad :) the only reason it's so sad is just because it's easier to write stories...
    so give it a read if you want :) I love writing.

    She ran, bare feet pounding against the unforgiving pavement. They urged her to stop but she disobeyed. For she knew that soon, they would feel the soft sand and the cooling water beneath them. Her toes touched the freezing water and Hailey hesitated, as per usual. Her hand instinctively brushed the new mark on her face. Crimson stained her pale fingers. Great. She thought he’s broken the skin this time. She quickly washed the blood of her hands as if it could erase the new wound on her pallid cheek. She knew that the salt would sting. A lot. However it would be worth it. She fully submerged her feet in the icy water- it was certainly Winter now, but what did it matter. Hailey swam regardless of temperature or season. The water lapped at her ankles- calling to her, enticing her. But there was no need. Hailey loved the sea unconditionally. It could be terrible and unforgiving yet calm at the same time. Just like her life.
    She walked in further- still fully clothed, the water seeped into her light blue jeans and darkened their colour. Hailey didn’t own bathers- how would she? There wasn’t much you could buy with no source of income. The very clothes on her back were about the only things which she could claim ownership of- although not legally. She’d stolen them, and felt physically sick for several days after. She detested thievery almost more than anything else in existence. Many things had been stolen from her. Her childhood. Her innocence. Her heart. The liquid now reached her waist- she wouldn’t go further, never had and never would. She lay back and floated on the surface- suspended by the blue fluid she feared yet loved so much. She stared up at the stars that were just starting to make an appearance in the evening sky. Maybe I won’t go back. Such thoughts often entertained her mind, though she knew she would. Maybe I can just float over to the other side of the bay. Everything would be different there. It has to be better than here. These nightly swims always accompanied fantasies of a better life across the bay. Money wouldn’t matter there. He wouldn’t be angry. I bet people smile there- even the grass would be greener. Hailey knew these thoughts were unrealistic and childish. But she had to believe there was good somewhere. Otherwise life was too cruel and there was no point living it.
    She stood up- her feet barely touched the sand and this scared her. She’d drifted too far this time and without any swimming knowledge- that was dangerous. After one hour of bathing it was well over time to head back. He would be mad. But he was always mad, if it wasn’t this- it would be something else. Hailey trudged back to the shore, in no hurry although she should have been. Her feet knew the path home so well that she could almost switch over to auto pilot. After all, she’d been doing this every night for four years. Hailey pulled a blank plastic card out of her wet pocket and slipped it in the crack between the door and the frame. She gently pushed it down against the lock until she heard a pop. Her hand hesitantly reached for the handle. Hopefully he wouldn’t be there. Hopefully he’s gone to sleep. Please. Please. Not tonight. Just one night. She slowly pushed open the door. He was there.
    “You’re late. Again.” He muttered. His back still turned to her.
    “Sorry.” Hailey said, praying that acting remorseful would help. Although she really wasn’t sorry at all.
    He violently threw a bottle at the brick wall. It shattered to a thousand pieces that fell to the floor with a loud chime. “No you’re not.” He said facing her. He roughly grabbed her face with two hands. “But you will be.”
    No. Not tonight.
    Hailey shoved him in the stomach. Hard. He saw it coming and dug his fingernails into her face, so that as his body fell away from hers- deep scratches were formed. It hurt. A lot. Tears started to run down her face. He was starting to recover from his fall. Hailey turned and ran around the corner. His rough hand reached for her- but missed, only managing to tear a piece of fabric off from her top. Hailey got to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her, locking it immediately. He thumped against the door with his fists several times. Hailey cowered in the corner. Maybe the hinges will break this time. How long can they survive getting beaten everyday? How long can I survive getting beaten everyday?
    Then the shouting started.
    “I SAVED YOU. I GAVE YOU A PLACE TO LIVE WHEN YOUR IDIOT PARENTS WENT AND GOT THEMSELVES KILLED. AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE BITCH….” The shouting went on, but she stopped listening. Hailey slid down the tiled wall and clutched her stomach, as if it was the only thing that could stop her from falling apart. She cried and cried. For hours and hours.
    Hailey opened the old window; it was only just large enough for her slender body to fit through. The sun was just casting it’s eerie dawn glow over the small town. Hailey ran fast, not only to get away from him but also to get closer to something, quickly. She reached the foreshore when the sun was almost halfway through the sky. This time she was going in further than just her waist. She was going to swim. She striped down to her underwear- revealing many hidden bruises, from four years of sleepless nights- extra clothing would just make it harder to swim. She ran into the water, and paused, her feet could hardly touch the sand anymore. This was it, her last chance for escape. Her legs and arms moved awkwardly together, but she was doing it, and with each stroke she left her life here further away. The sun continued to move across the sky as she slowly dragged herself across the giant expanse of water stubbornly lying in front of her and her utopia. It soon reached the horizon again and it began to turn a wonderful shade of orange. It was one of the most beautiful things Hailey had ever seen, along with one of the last. She was exhausted, hungry and thirsty. But for the first time in her eighteen years she wasn’t afraid. Her goal was still so far away, but at the same time her past also looked so distant. Maybe it would be nice, dying. Maybe it would be all she ever wanted. Money couldn’t matter there could it? She stopped swimming- stopped moving forwards. Did she ever truly think she would make it? Probably not. No one will notice. She thought. No one will shed one tear for me- I will cause no one any pain. And with that she stopped kicking. Her head slipped underneath the gentle waves. It was as if they were calling her home. Away from her daily abuse. Away from her pain. Home. A place she’d never been. It didn’t hurt. It felt almost natural. For the first time in her short life, Hailey was truly at peace.

    So there you go! thats my creative writing story :) haha cya. If you read that I think you deserve a medal :) hehe

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    1. -Phuong 57 months ago | reply

      I love the picture and I love your story! The ending was shocking me though!

    2. Georgia Wiggs 57 months ago | reply

      haha yeah- i;d forgoten how sad the ending was !

    3. Serious Dr 57 months ago | reply

      wonderful composition

    4. Daniel Finnerty (Finnda) 57 months ago | reply

      omggggggggggggggggggggggggg why?
      it's two n's!!!


      nice pictureeee

    5. Georgia Wiggs 57 months ago | reply

      ahahaha WOOPS! i corrected it :)
      haha i'm a TERRIBLE speller

    6. Daniel Finnerty (Finnda) 57 months ago | reply

      okay, this is a manipulation also :)


    7. Georgia Wiggs 57 months ago | reply

      tell me about it :O! haha

    8. B.Riordan. 57 months ago | reply

      Wow. This is so incredibly beautiful. Great work!

    9. rachelellery 55 months ago | reply

      wow, i read the whole . thing . and it was incredible. and it made me cry, honest .


    10. clive_morrisau - Home Is Where The Heart is . . . 52 months ago | reply

      Georgia - This is a beautiful photograph, I love the colours and the figure in the water placed where she is. The sunrise/sunset is magical!!!!!

      I also read your story. Yes, sad, but very talented. Congratulations. Hope you go on and write more or maybe head for photojournalism. You sure do have talent.

      Thanks for making me a contact. I returned the favour.

      You also have a very interesting photostream. Keep up the good work!!!!!

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