TASS Window Posters
The Russian Telegraph Agency (Rosta) was the state news agency in the Soviet Union (1918-35). After the creation of Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) in 1925, it remained the news agency of Soviet Russia. "Rosta Windows" or Satirical Rosta Windows were stencil-replicated propaganda posters created by artists and poets within the Rosta system in 1919-21.

During World War II, this approach was reproduced as TASS Windows. The designs featured graphical simplicity suitable for viewing from distance and often used lubok-styled sequences of pictures, similar to modern comics. The posters were not printed but rather painted by hand with cutout stencils made from cardboard. Once the required number of posters was painted, the stencils were sent to another city and put in circulation throughout the Soviet Union.

The images in this Flickr set are attributed to two artists: P. P. Sokolov-Skalya and S. Kostin. The text is credited to Mikhail Shulman. Both artists' works were considered difficult to replicate by stencil due to their use of many colors and intricate shapes.
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