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Up, up, out to the sky | by GustavoG
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Up, up, out to the sky

A simple soap bubble, floating up. Beautifully simple, and simply beautiful.


Simple as it looks, it is a complex structure emerging from simple molecular components and organized by basic physical rules. We can understand the soap bubble, how it arises, why it looks the way it does... and why it bursts. Understanding it helps us understand other physical phenomena, and encourages us to learn more, understand more.


Complex as the soap bubble is, it is simplicity itself when compared to the environment in which it floats. But we are curious and ambitious, and we keep learning and understanding more and more of the complexity.


And with that understanding, comes a deeper appreciation, which makes it even more beautiful. Sure, we all love the mystery and the magic, and take delight in observing the mysterious beauty of nature, and partaking in cherishing it. But how much more satisfactory it is to do this out of knowledge, not ignorance. To wield the magic: to predict and confirm, and to create, instead of floundering in superstitious guesswork about the hidden ways of a creation by an unknown.


And as the multicolored bubble rises, to share the joy with the delighted happiness of the children, and pass onto their young minds the tools for questioning and learning by experimentation, and the joy of knowledge, so they can develop their natural wonder at the natural world.


A photo of a simple soap bubble: the ephemeral creation of a moment, best appreciated in good company - yours.


Time to go make more bubbles. Upward and onward.


[Spanish version in a response below.]

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Taken on June 5, 2005