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(22/365) :: Together again | by chispita_666
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(22/365) :: Together again

How sad is it that getting my suitcase back is the only good thing I can say about today?


OK, I'm exaggerating and being melodramatic. It really wasn't such a bad day. But I'm allowed to whine and complain over here, so whatever.


First day full time at the library. Exhausting, but I did manage to get quite a but of studying done. Left with a head and back ache (bad chairs). If also been feeling a little lonely and down these last few days, feeling sorry for myself, pathetic as that is.


I hate being purposefully ignored and passive aggressive behaviour - specially when directed at me. If you've got something to say, just say it - don't let it grow till you end up upsetting someone who just wanted a little attention.


I'm also kind of ashamed to admit that I am feeling jealous and left out from my high school friends. Me and my group of friends basically lost all contact with other school people during these last years. A bunch of the girls tried to made regular plans to meet at least a couple of times a year (OK, some of them more) and had a great time then, it was as if time hadn't passed. I go away to live in Canada, and suddenly when I get back there's a bunch of people who have contacted each other, meet up every once in a while, go out together. People who hadn't really talked the last six years! I wish I was part of that.


...Of course, it's kind of my fault that I am so bad at keeping in touch.


And after only a couple of days at my parent's my mother is starting to get on my nerves. Sigh. Our problems were always related to living under the same roof.


Need to call people up and try to meet someone for coffee tomorrow - anyone, I don really care who. That way I'll stop feeling isolated and cheer up. A little bit of gossip to see what people have been up these last months would also be good.


There. Rant over.

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Taken on September 9, 2008