787 deflating

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Look what happens with the 787's wing when the spoilers are deployed. The flex is Incredible!

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  1. Gulfstream550 28 months ago | reply

    Yeah, impressive to see the wings "unloading" from inside the cabin. The wing on a 78' does really flex up under load, much more so than previous airliners, at Tokyo Haneda I've found I can identify a 787 on approach just from the way the wings "bow" up.

  2. NairRB 28 months ago | reply

    In fact, the wings flexes up due to the weight of the aircraft when airborne and straightens back to normal when the a/c touches down. This was just a coincidence that the auto-spoilers deploys on touchdown and the wing straightened. Nice video though!

  3. Dave from Manchester. 28 months ago | reply

    Awesome video Gus, thanks for sharing :)

  4. elvirafurth 28 months ago | reply

    Buenisimo,gus,sigue tu pasion por los aviones,desde niÑO

  5. beejay-ok 28 months ago | reply

    Wait until you are over the Rockies and there is Jet Stream/Wind Shear activity! Then you will see the wings FLEX!

  6. Willem Weijland [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

    not a coincidence because the spoilers CAUSE the unloading of the a/c.

  7. Tomáš Chlumský 28 months ago | reply

    not exactly true. After touch down the aerodynamic force doesn't just disappear. It is still there and fi no spoilers are applied the airplane is supported let's say 80% by the wings and only 20% by the wheels. The ration changes in favour of the wheels as the plane slows down of course. That's why we use spoilers - they lower the lift quite rapidly, the airplane puts more of its weight on the wheels and we can use the brakes more efficiently. And that sudden decrease of the lift force caused the wings to drop.

  8. jfharrisiii 28 months ago | reply

    Dino, I'm with you. In the air, the wings are pulling up on the fuselage. This is apparent when looking at the arc of the leading edge. On touchdown, the opposite occurs and the wings are "hanging" on the fuselage. The arc flattens and temporarily reverses when the aerodynamic forces of the spoiler/air-brakes apply downward pressure.

  9. jblausey 28 months ago | reply

    I've been on this jet twice now and it really is impressive.

  10. kennymac825 28 months ago | reply

    On takeoff the opposite applies.

    On takeoff on a 744 the wing tip lifts so high immediately prior to and at liftoff that you have to strain to see it out the window (if you don't have a window seat). It is most impressive.
    Once in the air the tip returns slightly back to the on ground position and once at cruise seems almost normal

  11. JodieJD 28 months ago | reply

    The statement is correct. The wing comes down when the spoilers deploy. Not because, but when.

  12. jimmy0714 28 months ago | reply

    Why were you illegally using your video camera during the "sterile" period when ALL electronic devices are supposed to be OFF????

  13. Dave from Manchester. 28 months ago | reply

    These day's pilots can use iPads in the cockpit during all parts of a flight SOLELY because they are lighter than a bunch of paper. Passengers can't use electronics in the cabin because they MIGHT interfere with electronics in the cockpit......lol, I'm sure the "sterile" period Is for anything that transmits, like a cell phone, so I doubt a video camera will bring down an airliner.

  14. Arlubarsky 28 months ago | reply

    > Passengers can't use electronics in the cabin because they MIGHT
    > interfere with electronics in the cockpit.

    Passengers can't use electronics because the operators haven't come up with a good business model to get a viable revenue stream from it. But when they do, the spurious radiation from video recorders will be easy to overlook.

  15. gus_van_gomez 28 months ago | reply

    I'm a Pilot. You should NOT use ANY electronic device during landing. Yes WE use iPads in the cabin but NOT during landing. If they do or don't interfere that is not up for discussion, just follow the rules.

  16. Gus NYC 28 months ago | reply

    I asked permission to the crew, and they were OK about me using the camera. I always ask, because I don't like to be reprimanded by a flight attendant (or by anybody, for that matter). Only one time I was told not to use the camera (it was on a SAAB 340).

  17. jimmy0714 28 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the backup Gus. I',m a retired airline pilot and I've HAD electronic interference issues in the air. Like the man says - just follow the rules!

  18. jimmy0714 28 months ago | reply

    Bad timing - I was thanking gus_van_gomez.

  19. Iangmu 27 months ago | reply

    Great video. Had to watch it twice to really see the flex. Re electronics: I've never turned off an electronic device on a plane and never will. Iphones, ipads, and even a ham radio. In fact on landing I hear phones buzzing and chirping all over the place. I just don't buy the interference argument in commercial aircraft.

  20. gus_van_gomez 27 months ago | reply

    Iangmu, nobody cares if you buy it or not, the FAA doesn't have to give explanations to you. iI's like speed limits or texting while driving or drinking and driving, some people don't follow the rules and that is their choice, but if you get caught then you should get punished by the law. I guess some people just feel empowered by defying authority, maybe they were troubled teenagers or their parents spoiled or neglected them too much.

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