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    Inspired by the many uses of antlers in portraits previous to mine and that old video game Ico if anyone knows it.

    *black and white in the comments

    Check out everyone's images from the midwest meet-up here!

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    1. Anna Skahill 33 months ago | reply

      Goodness Gurbir!! This is amazing!! The light on her hair is soo beautiful and the darknees surrounding her is incredible! She is so beautiful too! :)

    2. green.loofa 33 months ago | reply

      gorgeous portrait! I love it!!

    3. Gabriella Corrado 33 months ago | reply

      freaking amazing. The light is stunning and I love the processing on both. Her expression is perfect as well!!!

    4. KaisaQ 33 months ago | reply

      Loving the colored one. The look in her eyes is just captivating and with the horns this is just delicious!

    5. Phillip Schumacher 33 months ago | reply

      preffer it in colors! Love the golden tones and the intensity in her eyes!

    6. r.e. ~ 33 months ago | reply

      Amazing work! I want to leave a comment on each of the photos in this group, I am amazed by the work you all did during this fantastic meet up. Absolutely beautiful, this has to be the best photography workshop ever. I know it was a meet up, but I am sure there was a lot of learning from each of you super talented people.
      Wow! I just spent my morning here, looking and reading, and even crying at times. You all are more than amazing!

      ps. I had to leave this comment here, because I am not a member of this group. : )

    7. Aya Dajani 33 months ago | reply

      the tones are incredible. so beautiful

    8. Lloyd Revald 33 months ago | reply

      This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the warm colors in the "original" photo!
      but the one in comment is outstanding! I'm in love with the reflection in the eyes and pure beauty of Katherine! Amazing job here gurbir! This is perfect!

    9. Wandering Heart 33 months ago | reply

      Her eyes are fantastic. Wow.

    10. Portia Hunt 33 months ago | reply

      This is excellently done! I love both versions though my favourite is the colour one for its warm tones and the way her eyes 'pop' out of the photograph :)

    11. klorozco 33 months ago | reply

      This is amazing and I thought of Ico as soon as I saw it. Wonderful game and a wonderful photo.

    12. mikko j.h. [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      ico was one of my favorite games when I was younger. I had a ps2 sampler, and always played that game, along with zone of the Enders. quite a flashback there.
      but I do love this. especially the black and white. she seems to pop so much in that one

    13. little.lions 33 months ago | reply

      yes yes yes yes EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS

    14. -bdm- 33 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot!

    15. kris ツ 32 months ago | reply

      That's real talent.

    16. the sound of autumn 31 months ago | reply

      Totally and utterly gorgeous!

    17. aislinfall 27 months ago | reply

      i hate how flickr doesn't allow you to post comments in caps because i just want to SCREAM how amazing this is!

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