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western isles | by Gunnarr Leidolf
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western isles

Alvis Anguls mind jumps back to the pounding feet of a messenger running as fast as he could nearly crashing into Alvis as he was finalizing preparations for the expedition. "The Jarl has made his decision Captain, here are your orders!" Gasping for breath as he handed over the parchment. Alvis looked over the orders and sent Galaeron his first mate to fetch Magnus Erlingson. "Its time" he said.


That seemed only a moment ago to Angul as he now stands on the Beach of the NW Isle that is to become the next great settlement of Garheim. He hears the sound of sea birds, the creaking of the fleet as they bob in the natural bay. He can also hear the crashing of the waves on the beach as he marvels at this momentous occasion marked not with pomp and circumstance but with stone and fire. Constructed with materials carried over from the quarries of Garheim. This marker will be the site that begins the next great chapter.


"This is it men!" he roared "You are now a part of history! Remember this moment! Let it be a sparkling gem in your treasure of memories." A unified cheer rang out as every Gahrhim howled for the glory of their new found land!

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Uploaded on June 3, 2016