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Hybrid Smugness

I would love to meet the owner of this car - I'll bet he / she has a rich sense of humor (and a heightened sense of consciousness). Using a vanity plate to comment on - and perhap explicitly acknowledge - the smugness that many of us hybrid owners / drivers sometimes feel is rich in irony. I also like the fact that the license plate frame says "Highlander" ... leading me to wonder if the owner used to have a Toyota Highlander ... and if so, whether that was [also] a hybrid ... and if so, why the owner switched to a Toyota Prius. I was considering a Highlander at an early stage of my last car purchase deliberations, but couldn't justify the extra costs - in money and fuel consumption / carbon emissions - compared with the Toyota Prius ... or the Honda Civic Hybrid (the car I eventually bought). I feel pretty smug with averaging 46 mpg in my hybrid, but don't think I'd muster the gumption to get a vanity plate like this (of course, it's too late to get this particular plate).

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Taken on April 30, 2009