Tokyo Girl

When I turned around to take a picture from the people walking she just started to cross the street.


At home I realized what a funny T-shirt she had on.

  • Phil Hart 9y

    shes pretty
  • gullevek PRO 9y

    Yes she is.
  • EdVPhoto 9y

    Difficult to do, but she looks cute and sexy at the same time.
  • gullevek PRO 9y

    Yeah, needs some guts to do street photography :)
  • Aurelio Asiain PRO 9y

    Has someone noted the pair of red strips here?
  • gullevek PRO 9y

    You mean on her knee?
  • cool22 8y

    nice pic
  • gullevek PRO 8y

  • cinemaone 8y

    hey guys thanks for the discussion.. helps a bit..
  • gullevek PRO 8y

    cinemaone: Hey, no problem, if you have any questions, just ask or write me a flickr mail
  • thekornilyo 8y

    s e x y !!!

  • gullevek PRO 8y

    yup, so it is
  • Juho Nykänen 7y

    Scary, I look her knee, I see a head... ... ... You can find strange girls all over the world.. I don't know why, at least the girls come to my eyes more easily, must be some girl thing...

    That clothing is really popular, Well, I wish I could, but I need to get tanned before I would dress like that.. Except the fact that I'm a male.. I mean every day is 30-35 C here.. Colder days are something above 20... Which is totally unfair, I have to go back to Finland next month..

    I wonder why asian girls are so different? They are a bit more cuter when young, but they're almost the same everywhere.. Except the fact that I usually get hit on by older asian girls.. Which is kind of nice, but still...
  • Juho Nykänen 7y

    I mean that's just a bit loose boxers and a belt, and some t-shirt!
  • gullevek PRO 7y

    hey, hot girl is hot girl :)
  • Juho Nykänen 7y

    And hot girls get to wear what they like. =D

    Damn them, taking my boxers and making it a style, I'd get cops on me wearing just boxers outside.. =(
  • wooorrrddd 7y

    Hdfjdfhsfhs helllllla kyoooot
  • gullevek PRO 7y

    wooorrrddd: Whatever floats your boat mate.
  • Kombizz Kashani PRO 7y

    nice candid shot
  • gullevek PRO 7y

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