• piezo - beepy beepy
  • Parallax Infrared sensor
  • Adafruit Audio WAV shield
  • SD card reader - the Arduino has insufficient RAM to store audio files of any size/quality
  • Speaker and headphone outputs
  • Audio pot to control volume
  • The Arduino Duo is hiding under the Audio shield
  • LED - Blinky blinky

First Arduino Project

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And now for something completely different... An Arduino Duo with a Adafruit Audio WAV shield stacked on top along with a SD card reader. On the breadboard is a status LED and a Parallax passive infrared sensor. The Audio shield came in kit form so I just had to do a bunch of soldering to get it ready. Biggest challenge for that was keeping the kids away from the hot soldering iron. Fortunately it worked the first time. The software to manage the infrared sensor is trivial. The software to integrate the Audio shield into my project won't be nearly so easy.

I have several applications in mind for this prototype development but they're all top secret :). I will keep my blog updated.

  1. Road Fun 36 months ago | reply

    My blog is here and a blog entry on this project is posted there.

  2. Austie1 36 months ago | reply

    So appreciate your willingness to learn and "go get em', Ron.

  3. nobleup Coming Back Slowly 36 months ago | reply

    Great work!!! Haven't seen a breadboard since I studied electronics and computer science!!!!

    Wishing You and Yours a very Wonderful Easter Ron!!!

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