SGP: Feast of Stenches
What role does scent play in how you play? And how can one person smell so sweet? We compared boy with man, man with woman, and orangutan with guerilla (yes, really) in our scintillating celebration of the pleasures of the nose.

In the run up to this event, two men - Daniel and Jim - went without washing for forty days. Forty days. They periodically wore t-shirts, which were sent to immunogeneticist Leslie Knapp, who studies the relationship between smell and attraction in primates.

She turned their dirty t-shirts into smell stations, and analysed their DNA to look at what suite of immune characteristics they possessed.

But most tantalisingly: we asked the audience to rate the two boys by how attractive they were - as well as a girl (Zoe volunteered), and an obliging orangutan, Hannah.

The result: Daniel was deemed less attractive than Jim. Jim less than Zoe. But the orangutan trumped them all.

More on the event:

and Daniel's reflections on what it felt like to be so filthy.
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