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Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica, Amurtiger) | by guenterleitenbauer
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Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica, Amurtiger)

The Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) is a rare subspecies of tiger (P. tigris). Also known as the Amur, North China, Manchurian, or Korean Tiger, it is the largest tiger subspecies of the world.

Male Siberian Tigers weigh commonly up to 280 kilograms. An average male siberian tiger weighs arround 250 kg, but they can weigh as much as 306 kg. Females are generally smaller and weigh usually 100-167 kg. Old Males reach normally a head and body length of 190-220 cm. The largest male with largely assured references was 350 cm "over curves" in total length. (The tail length in old males is about one meter.) At these sizes, the Siberian Tiger is the largest subspecies of tiger. This, however, is not as large as the liger, a panthera hybrid found almost exclusively in captivity. Apart from its size, the Siberian Tiger is differentiated from other tiger subspecies by its paler fur and dark brown (rather than black) stripes. As well as colour their fur is thicker and longer to keep them warm in the freezing temperatures of their habitat. Siberian Tigers also have larger feet than most other sub-species to facilitate movement through snow.



Explored first on July, 12th 2007


Caught with a Canon 5D/Sigma 120-300/2.8 and converter 2x @600mm

1/640s f/5.6 (open aperture) ISO 800


He escaped to the beginning of the stream again!

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Taken on June 30, 2007