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• ѕώэєт άѕ ћоиёџ •
şέx¥ šëŋŸδяίŦą
Frǿm мe Ŧo ¥ou (♥)

by me, oF myseLf, and i
yes, it's narcissisticLy sick.
iM aware.

De ti, por ti.

aT aRms lengTh, my favouRite hobby

I'm most comfortable in front of my camera
when no one eLse is behind it *.*

mode: ceLLcam, webcam, & diGicam

*private coLLecxn appLies*

* because I have a camera
* because I want to learn how to take better pics
* because no one will model for me
* because I'm always around where my camera is
* because I forget what I did yesterday
* because i want to see age & passing of time
* because I honestLy think iM hot
* because I'm most comfortable in front of the camera when there's no one else behind it.

ea ❤

ea ❤

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