Baltimore Comic Con 2011
A few weeks ago me and Toni decided to visit the Convention Center to photograph some of the cosplayers that came to Baltimore for OTAKON 2011.

This week we decided to head down to the convention center again for the Baltimore Comic Con 2011. We bought our tickets and headed inside.

This would be Toni's first convention and I wanted to make sure that she had fun and enjoyed herself. Especially after the last visit to Otakon where she developed a respect and admiration for the artists involved with comics and the cosplayers who portray those characters.

Walking around Toni mentioned how much it was to take in. The crowds, the lines, the people, the cosplayers, the figurines and statues, the artist, the toys and dolls, etc etc etc.

I confirmed to her that the comic con out San Diego is about 10x's as large and that one day I would take her.

As we walked around the floor we photographed and conversed with the cosplayers and artists. And amidst the random barbarian cried of "BORRIOR!!!" (sp?), the random guy walking around in only a loin cloth, we managed to have a amazing and memorable time.

The greatest highlight for me of course was getting an opportunity to see Stan Lee in person. Managed to sneak a peek of him behind the tall curtain they had posted to keep the public from seeing him. Wish I could have shaken his hand and said thank you for all that he has done, but I actually started to freak out like a 12 year old child when I saw him. Saying over and over again: "omg... omg... it's Stan Lee... baby, its STAN LEE!!"

Needless to say Toni got a good chuckle out of seeing me freak out w/ fan-boy-ness.

To all the cosplayers I have in this album thank you for posing and taking these photographs. Loved your costumes and hope you love the photos i took.

Another Comic Con is in the books, and thus the end of summer is vastly approaching. A great way to send it off I must say. Until next year Baltimore.
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