smog-free LA

A view of Los Angeles on an unusually haze-free day. The towering San Gabriel Mountains, normally obscured by haze and smog, are visible in the far distance. Mt. Baldy, an astonishing 40 miles distant from this overlook, is the tallest peak in the background.


LA can look like this all the time with your help; reduce your automobile emissions by carpooling and using the ever-expanding public transit system to rid this city of its infamous air pollution.

  • kones 8y

    Great shot
  • Al Lowe 8y

  • Patrick Taillon PRO 8y

    Wonderful catch... anyone in LA should rush out with their cameras (sans cars, of course) on clear days like this!
  • Evie 8y

    Wonderful cityscape.

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  • moondoggie71 PRO 8y

    Another fabulous shot, Geoff! Your photography is just excellent and you're always working.
  • chef_savila 8y

    Love the photo, you send a powerful message.
  • Neath 8y

    Hi, I would like to put this and the Harbour freeway interchange pic on my blog but when I try to save the image it wants to be saved as a "spaceball.gif" which is basically a 1x1 pixel image. If you email me the images I would be happy to do it. I think the whole world deserves to see that there actually is a very attractive LA to be seen and recognized.
  • John Leme 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SoCal Scavenger Hunt ( Please post in discussions), and we'd love to have your photo added/ posted to our " Where is this Cityscape " discussion/post. See the rules on how to post it if you're not sure how.
  • J_O102 7y

    wouldnt we all love a city yet a world would no smog.... haaahaa for SO california @ least it probabaly wont happen we love are cars to muchhh
  • pegasusbsb27 7y

    Foto maravilhosa! Perfeita no enquadramento, na luz, na composição e no foco. Parabéns. Pitty it's not bigger to use as a pano
  • thankyou1981 7y

    WOW that is gorgeous!! L.A. is just so pretty...Mexico is so pretty, this was always Mexico before so i kinda still think of it as Mexico..a lot of Mexico has the same landscapes as California. Both countries are Beautiful
  • rymiester 7y

    we are having more and more days like this 1 better air
  • Jose J. Zamarripa 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Los Angeles, You Stink But You're Mine!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • venicewow 6y

    nice i like it
  • papertigersroar 5y

    this looks amazing! can you tell me where you were shooting from?
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