NASA's SDO Satellite Captures Venus Transit Approach -- Bigger, Better!

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    NASA image captured June 5, 2012.

    On June 5-6 2012, SDO is collecting images of one of the rarest predictable solar events: the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. This event happens in pairs eight years apart that are separated from each other by 105 or 121 years. The last transit was in 2004 and the next will not happen until 2117.

    Credit: NASA/SDO, AIA

    To read more about the 2012 Venus Transit go to:

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    1. *NEWMAN* [deleted] 23 months ago | reply

      There will be more photos? as the event is happening?.

    2. benft 23 months ago | reply

      really splendid!!!

    3. NASA Goddard Photo and Video 23 months ago | reply

      Yep! We'll be posting a few others -- and video later! -- as the transit progresses.

    4. a_codepoet 23 months ago | reply

      Wow! Spectacular

    5. Bernard Eirrol Tugade 23 months ago | reply

      spell MASSIVE! I like!

    6. Mr Ken World 23 months ago | reply

      What a wonderful sight. The Human race is taking a long time coming of age. Many are still acting like barbaric idiots causing unnecessary Genocides'. Science now informs us that our planet will die from sunshine and we only have a few billion years left, also we are now learning that there may be other planets out there that could sustain life but it would take us millions of years to get there, by which time they to may become consumed by a red dwarf. So earthlings, the best belief system is to be happy, stay positive and enjoy our progress in the art of understanding.

    7. AnnieSee 23 months ago | reply


    8. huntster 23 months ago | reply

      Beautiful image! I like how the filaments seem to be reaching toward Venus. I'm archiving these transit photographs on Wikimedia Commons as they become available here, and this one is at

    9. james lj 23 months ago | reply


    10. tinntang 23 months ago | reply

      Dude thats like totally cool. Wow.

    11. rahmohit94 23 months ago | reply!!!!

    12. dodagp 23 months ago | reply

      A real spectacle !!!!!!!

    13. neburan 2 weeks ago | reply

      hola espero tener las mejores imagenes y vivir una experiencia vosual magica gracias y montare las mias ok gracias amigos...Andresph

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