Bye Bye Comet! [HD Video]

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NASA video captured May 10-11, 2011

SOHO watched as a fairly bright comet dove towards the Sun in a white streak and was not seen again after its close encounter (May 10-11, 2011). The comet, probably part of the Kreutz family of comets, was discovered by amateur astronomer Sergey Shurpakov. In this coronagraph the Sun (represented by a white circle) is blocked by the red occulting disk so that the faint structures in the Sun's corona can be discerned. Interestingly, a coronal mass ejection blasted out to the right just as the comet is approaching the Sun.

Scientists, however, have yet to find a convincing physical connection between sun-grazing comets and coronal mass ejections. In fact, analysis of this CME using images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory shows that the CME erupted before the comet came close enough to the solar surface to interact with strong magnetic fields.


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  1. NASA Goddard Photo and Video 35 months ago | reply

    This video was captured by SOHO.

  2. he_knows_illuminati 35 months ago | reply

    Let me guess...almost none of you read the description that accompanied the video, did you?

  3. BACON one 35 months ago | reply

    That was cool.

  4. viator alineus 35 months ago | reply

    (Rudolph Deyl) Whenever planet earth, for whatever reason ,would loose its orbital equilibrium causing it to head for the sun, it would meet the same fate as the comet in this superb NASA video. Let's bear in mind then, that this event (the complete disappearance of the earth and all that's in it) would go entirely unnoticed in the universe. Remember the biblical question: Quid est homo, quod memor est eius?

  5. rake_blackguard 34 months ago | reply

    The sun's total mass is constantly, minutely, growing and shrinking due to the infall of debris and the output of the solar wind.

    The sun didn't preemptively react to the comet. It's called a coincidence, you lunatic.

  6. Head Fixer 34 months ago | reply

    PROPHET MUHAMMAD in 1400 years ago, said, that SNOW (comet) hits SUN every day ...

  7. mpmark 34 months ago | reply

    this has got to be the greatest thing I have seen from nasa!

  8. Jen Wood2 32 months ago | reply

    This comet has been greater than expected for a lot out of the coronal mass. Thank you for the show.

  9. Jen Wood2 32 months ago | reply

    This comet has been greater than expected for a lot out of the coronal mass. Thank you for the show.

  10. tarsuslife 31 months ago | reply

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  11. Voyagepedia 30 months ago | reply

    Awesome... I'm not sure, but I may use it (according to your licence) on an upcoming category on the guide voyage I work for.
    Amazing, thanks again ! :)

  12. Adelle Wines 29 months ago | reply

    The comet doesn't even impact the photosphere when the mass ejection happens.

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  13. Karen Cruz1 28 months ago | reply

    Such a great information and I've been looking for this..

  14. hiperaktifdizayn1 28 months ago | reply

    woooww! Beautiful :)

  15. 28 months ago | reply

    Absoluteley amazing :o) Great shot! Greetings from UK/Mark

  16. Bee 2011 26 months ago | reply

    It certainly "looks" as if the comet "causes" the explosion that follows its disappearance, but apparently looks aren't everything (per rake_blackguard). Seeing is not believing!

  17. Leighton Wallis 6 months ago | reply

    Yeah! Go Thor!


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