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Hiking in Vibram Five Fingers

A first outing for my new shoes. We managed around eight miles hiking this weekend in mixed terrain. One thing I didn't anticipate was getting grass stalks stuck between my toes when walking through long grass.


They fit well and stay on very securely. The toes are fine, and not at all irritating as I had feared. I like being able to feel the ground through the thin soles, almost as good as bare foot. I like being able to grip with my toes. You do need to watch where you step though; I jumped down from the minivan onto a sharp stone and it hurt - though it didn't break through the sole.


These are KSOs (Keep Stuff Out) designed to keep grit and stones out - great for water hiking, I had no problems walking into and out of the water, great grip, and I've kept them on all day and while they are still damp they've remained comfortable. The only problem I'm having is that my foot has a lot of volume and the KSO bit across the top feels quite tight.


They are to feet what gloves are to hands, so don't expect a bare foot experience, but you are in much better contact with the ground.


04 September 2010 | Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman

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Taken on September 4, 2010