My 1974 Motovespa GT160
Imported from Córdoba, Andalucia in Spain by Retrospective Scooters - Aug/Sep 2012. In excellent condition & still wearing it's original orange paint scheme.

Short film by David Hardy of my GT160 here -

Exchanged/traded for my 1969 Sprint Veloce.

As described by Retrospective Scooters:
"Spanish built Vespa GT still in original paint. We do not fully restore a scooter of this good an original condition; we have stripped and cleaned it and replaced the original Spanish engine with a modern reconditioned PX 125 motor and upgraded the lights to 12volts. All new teflon cables are added and new wheels and tyres. Everything mechanically has been attended to, to make it reliable."

Fitted with a re-conditioned P200 engine & SIP Road exhaust.
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