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The last morning

~ the last morning ~

morning once more and the snow had not thawed

it was deep and untouched and then as she yawned

she could see now ~ how the icicles caught

the early dawn sun ~ she froze as she saught

to think over events and decide what to do

as she slowly got dressed and put on her shoes

an icy blast rushed through the room

as she opened the door and and went out with the broom

the snow was deep but what could she do

as the snow and cold made her turn blue

she shivered with fear as she looked around

but decided quickly to head for the town

on the way she passed not a soul

where was everyone ~ it had been too cold !

with the electricity off and no food to eat

most had died it seemed in their sleep

empty cars and the shops all closed

this was the moment when filled filled with despair

she fell to the ground ~ there was no one to care

a poem by Bev - thank you !

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Taken on February 18, 2012