3d pan white


-Added to the Cream of the Crop pool as most interesting.


This is the colour version of only 0.5%. You will not see me reflected in this surface. I am not there. I used the self-timer and left the room during the exposure.


According to The Tap Water Awards "Available fresh water amounts to less than one half of one percent of all the water on Earth. The rest is sea water, or is frozen in the polar ice. Fresh water is naturally renewable only by rainfall, at the rate of 40-50,000 cubic km per year.". I find that staggering! Save water. Check your taps (faucets) regularly.


Treatment: I was cleaning. At first I cleaned the sink. Then I polished the taps. Then I thought - hmmmm. So I took a photo. The photo has had a little post work - a colour correction and a touch of curves (constrast).

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Taken on December 3, 2006