Grumman van interior again

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    Inside, looking back into the bedroom. Notice the queen sized bed folding down on the left. We use a small block and tackle to raise and lower it.
    Dickinson propane heater (fireplace) on the near right can be used while driving or in the howling wind.
    Propane Bosch demand hotwater heater on the bathroom/shower wall vented inside through the skylight above.
    Dickinson propane 2 burner stovetop on left. The cutting board drops in on top of the burners to give you lots of counter space. Been a marine stove it has built in potholders which even allows you to cook while driving, well chilli or something. We've boiled the kettle and made coffee in LA gridlock :0)
    Nova Kool compressor 12 volt fridge under the counter on left can be run all the time.
    It can run at a 30 degree angle or driving down the highway at any speed so being level is not a requirement.
    Magnetic strip for knives over the 10 inch deep single sink.
    The knifes have never fallen off even on the roughest roads.
    All the cupboards have 1/4 plywood sliding doors with overlapping holes for opening, I put corks in them to lock them from sliding while driving.
    That's a mirror to the left of the water heater, it's on a 45 degree wall. It helps give an illusion of more space as well as been useful.

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    1. Tattooed Aquaman 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is great. Please feel free to post more inside,outside, or construction pictures. Thanks for the pic.

    2. Dagmamma 54 months ago | reply

      So Joyful Congrats ;)

    3. Mike Walen 54 months ago | reply

      Man, look at the colour - how cool is that!

    4. Special J. 53 months ago | reply

      Hey there! I love your van. I am looking at getting something like this going... would a vehicle like this be suitable for driving across country? (assuming that everything was working properly to start!)

    5. Grumman RV 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks. Well sure on the driving anywhere. I've put 60,000 mile on mine in the last 5 years.
      Grummans are designed to last at least 20 years so they're worth keeping going.
      The basic GM chassis (P-30) is a one ton one shared with motorhomes and Suburbans.
      Easy to work on and get parts for. Hey I'm thinking of leaving this one in Mexico and just flying down every year and build myself a slightly smaller one to keep traveling in Canada.
      The simplest aster is YES!

    6. _ Marty Lang _ 52 months ago | reply

      Love what you have done with this !!! Excellent work.

    7. cwhit 46 months ago | reply

      Clever idea with the corks! You guys did an amazing job, and it's great to see all the photos and hear all about the little details. For example, I'd always wondered how people insulated their vehicles, so it was really helpful to read about how you'd done yours.

      Kudos and many thanks for sharing!

    8. xexorz 44 months ago | reply

      We also used a bosch water heater but ours needed to be vented externally - never seen one like this (no chimney?)

      Ours lives in a utility closed (very small) with a forced-air style heater.

      Where is your battery box btw? Still improvising one of those at the moment - planning on a bigger setup.

      Wish my truck had your truck's length - ours is a few feet shorter. The next conversion I do will be better planned out and will use the longest truck I can find.

    9. Grumman RV 44 months ago | reply

      My Bosch water heater is a discontinued line I think, too bad because it's great. We don't use it much and it is very close to a opening skylight to vent. My batteries, ( (4) 6 volt Trojan T-105's are in a fibreglass lined aluminum box under the floor beside the drivers seat. My van does not have a drivers door but the box is where steps would have been had there been a door.
      As for the length of the van, i wouldn't want to be any longer than I am. Longer just causes you more trouble parking and maneuvering. Better to use the space you have better.

    10. Keep Calm & Carry A Camera 42 months ago | reply

      Currently doing the interior on my 18" Grumman... Live aboard and mobile art studio in one.
      Thanks for all the info and pictures, very inspiring!

    11. Grumman RV 42 months ago | reply

      If you're insulating, da, make sure you have vapour barrier on the inside to stop condensation under your insulation, against the aluminium.
      You'll see I have a insulating curtain behind the seats because it's impossible to insulate the front and without a curtain you get tons of condensation on the windows.
      Good luck with the build, are you going to pst pictures?

    12. SharpsBus 38 months ago | reply

      i may find myself nickn some ideas from this for our bus ye mind lol? :)

    13. SharpsBus 37 months ago | reply

      NICE N COLOURFUL, Where is this located?

    14. Dharmalex 30 months ago | reply

      This whole interior style and arrangment reminds me of a boatbuilder's skill, innovation and style. And the interior wood firring strips with foam insulation reminds me of a friend who used the same system for his steel boat design. Any chance you've also built a cruising boat and fitted it out? I'm almost sure of it :)

    15. Grumman RV 30 months ago | reply

      I've worked on lot's of boats yes. I always kept my eyes out for good ideas.
      A motorhome has all the same requirements as a cruising boat.

    16. henjessjam 21 months ago | reply

      This is a outstanding capture of color.

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