iPhone Notes

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    Check out the silly icons at the bottom.

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    1. bradspry 94 months ago | reply

      I think it's cool. It's art.

      I haven't used it, but aesthetically it does it for me. I'm going to take this photo to bed with me tonight ;-)

    2. johnca 94 months ago | reply

      shawnblanc: "The fact that you're discussing the ability to choose a font on a phone/PDA is a testimony all it's own to the genius of the iPhone."

      Um, changing fonts was possible on Palms last millennium. Amazing how they've managed to throw away their years-long lead in the tiny-computers sector.

    3. spikenheimer 94 months ago | reply

      looks like its straight off the newton...

    4. ElPocho! 94 months ago | reply

      City G...I don't think anyone actually said it was Comic Sans.

    5. jake541 [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      Notes are stored onto your Mac in the file ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/*your iphone guid/5351def6e662f3d6d03bb2d98e19779a524d9b2a.mdbackup .

      So are your call histories, your SMS messages, etc.

    6. garrettmurray 94 months ago | reply

      I like the look. Also, notes will be in Leopard, so I'm assuming they won't sync until October.

    7. FredCintra 94 months ago | reply

      This note app is very very Newton like

    8. vjl 94 months ago | reply

      What a *great* homage to the Newton! Looks very similar to the Notes program on my Newton! Well done, Apple. Not lame at all. Simple, and to the point.

      http://www.macrumors.com/ (?)

    9. ronriggler [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      I like the stickies app in Tiger better. This is way better looking than any other cell phone.

    10. francisvdb 94 months ago | reply

      not that lame, though... looks as simple as it might look.

      besides what more do you need to take a note? not the kind of watered down "wordpad" the others use, i presume :-)

      the font type is exactly the same as the one used in the notes widget in Tiger. Sync up just like an old iPod, as far as i can imagine.. ?

    11. OndraSoukup 94 months ago | reply

      well, does not sync :(

    12. jeffdemaagd 94 months ago | reply

      I think the appearance is largely OK, though the font is a little narrow for me. The original post should have mentioned the syncing issue. Not being able to sync to the computer and use on the computer makes it pointless.

    13. Carlos V. Gonzalez 94 months ago | reply

      I like the notes design too, very clean, but that's what notes supposed to be!

    14. scallydandan [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      looks like it's been ported straight from a newton or a thinkpad

    15. scallydandan [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called iPhone, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    16. Married with Dinner 94 months ago | reply

      it's ridiculous that it can't sync notes. almost as lame as not being able to adjust the default calendar alarm interval or copy text out of emails. :S

    17. OndraSoukup 94 months ago | reply

      Maybe it's just waiting for Leopard :)

    18. craigd13 90 months ago | reply

      I've no idea when you'll *actually* be able to sync data with Notes, but here's a font test based on html uploaded to iPhone/iPod and a recipe that shows 'free' devices can at least be a little more useful.

      I used to have a whole pile of recipes (and other stuff) in plain-text on my old iPod nano... now it's all in the Notes application too!

    19. Café Noir [deleted] 89 months ago | reply


    20. gomem 86 months ago | reply

      Am I the only person who actually likes the Marker Felt font ? I think it looks friendly and well suited to a 'notepad', and have no problems reading it.

      As for it been 'lame' ? Well I actually find it very useful, for taking notes about podcasts I've been listening to on my iPod Touch. Its certainly much more useful to me than the 'Stocks' application.

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