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    1. JoelJohnson 45 months ago | reply

      You guys are weird.

    2. SomeCallMeScott 45 months ago | reply

      @walterdufresne what hack.cess is saying is that lam doesn't feel compelled to treat people kindly unless they're kind to him first, if he follows his view that the lady only returned his phone because he gave her the chair she wanted first. He was nice, so she was... it totally escapes his view that some people do the right thing because they are good people, and not because of non-existant karma.

      In Lam's world, he takes the credit for the woman being nice and returning the phone because he gave her a chair first. So not only is he a jerk that doesn't get the irony of the deal, he also takes credit for the fact that the woman in the restaurant was a decent person to begin with. It's self-centeredness of the worst kind.

    3. Willi Kampmann 45 months ago | reply

      What's going on here?? Him being nice to his fellow men definitely improved his chances of getting his phone back. If he had been rude to her (for whatever reason, nobody is perfect) chances would have been higher that she'd keep it. So it's kinda lika Karma, although it stands to reason if he has good karma anyway. His reasoning is totally logical.

      I don't like Gizmodo either, but geez, some comments here are really off.

    4. Ross Barnes [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

      There was a chair he wasn't using and he was kind enough to let her take it? Haha! That's not an act of kindness, it's just not being an unreasonable asshole. There's a big difference.

    5. SorenHedberg 45 months ago | reply

      Who is Brian Lam?

    6. RainPacket 45 months ago | reply

      @SorenHedberg: Brian Lam is the editorial director at Gizmodo. A while ago, an Apple employee named Gray Powell -- who worked on the iPhone project and thus had an iPhone 4 prototype -- accidentally left his phone behind at a restaurant. When the phone was picked up, it had all of Powell's contact info on it (and so could have been returned), but the person who picked it up decided to try and sell it to tech publications.

      He shopped it around until an editor at Gizmodo... namely, Brian Lam... took him up on it and paid him $5000 for Powell's phone. Shortly thereafter, Powell (or someone else at Apple) remotely wiped the phone. Gizmodo proceded to do a teardown on it and posted an article about the phone, as well as posting a bunch of Gray Powell's personal information on Gizmodo to illustrate that 'here is the guy who lost this phone at a restaurant while celebrating his birthday. Here's his Facebook page, and photos of him, and...'

    7. SorenHedberg 45 months ago | reply

      Wow, what a dirtbag.

    8. Ellis.Wright 45 months ago | reply

      What a stupid cunt. I love it when the universe works these things in.

    9. nerdcity411 44 months ago | reply

      wow, y is everyone being so mean!?

      i think all hes saying is that its a little funny and ironic. people dont have to go make judgements about this person and be so rude.

    10. Abhinav Singhai 44 months ago | reply

      bhahhh why is this on EXPLORE i.e 10 is just amusing !!

      Via Today's Explore at #10 on Fluidr

    11. ra1000 44 months ago | reply

      Dude tweets to the world about getting his lost phone back - with no thought at all to what was probably one of the most morally questionable, phone-related, and highly publicized publicized decisions of his life ... and it doesn't occur to him to not push the "tweet" button ...

      This deserves discussion

    12. 44 months ago | reply

      Hi John,
      Great tones.

      Congratulations on a well deserved #10 on Explore.
      Have a great Saturday!

    13. dvsjr 44 months ago | reply

      Tried to "like" Mike's comment.

    14. ra1000 44 months ago | reply

      ... liked Mike's comment so much I c&p'd it so I could use it later somewhere ...

    15. B.Thomas 44 months ago | reply

      I'm calling shenanigans, never happened. I'm sure a search of Brian Lam's twitter stream would reveal he tweeted this but its flame bait for his entertainment. ignore and carry on.

    16. doggo 44 months ago | reply

      Jeeziz! What a bunch of Brian Lam fanboys!

    17. rsstn 44 months ago | reply

      Lam's FAIL.

    18. ikemstar [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      Lam == enema

    19. walterdufresne 44 months ago | reply

      @SomeCallMeScott (AFK for a couple days):
      Thanks for the lucid explanation. I'm catching on.

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