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The Line

So I got to the Cherry Hill Mall just after 7a, which was right when they started letting people in to get their iPhones. I honestly estimate there were about 1,000 people in line outside. I took this photo after getting around the first corner, just after 8a.


I was expecting a big line, but nothing like this. And apparently, this was the very worst area Apple Store I could have made the reservation with. I didn’t get my phone until about 3:45p, almost nine hours after getting in line. We didn't get inside until 2p, and it was about 94° by then (and it was in the mid-80s, and crazy humid, right from the start in the morning). Other area Apple Stores, though, were able to fulfill their reservation lines by around 10a or so. I could have driven to Atlantic City an hour away, gotten my iPhone at the Apple Store at Caesars, had a few drinks and played some blackjack, sobered up at the craps table, and still gotten home sooner than I did having gone to Cherry Hill. Might have proven more expensive that way, though.


Every one of the single-serving friends I made in line was in the same boat as me, pre-order wise: We all tried pre-ordering for home delivery on June 15, gave up after a few hours of failure, and figured, “Ah, fuck it, I’ll just reserve one for pick-up at Cherry Hill.”

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Taken on June 24, 2010