Kindle for Mac Preferences Dialog

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    1. Cancel and OK in the wrong order.
    2. The Cancel and OK buttons are the wrong size.
    3. The “r” in “Registered User” is clipped.
    4. Why is the “Automatically install updates…” checkbox label broken across two lines like that? And it's misaligned with the button. And you can't click the label to toggle the checkbox.
    5. The window looks resizeable but in fact is not.

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    1. krishunt 61 months ago | reply

      And the Register button is aligned with nothing.

    2. drengy 61 months ago | reply

      Pretty much, everything looks like it could be pressed with a finger. Is this the beta of the Kindle for iPad app as well?

    3. paaauki 61 months ago | reply

      I also found it weird that what was actually logging in was called registering.

    4. maxim.bazarov 61 months ago | reply

      And it is very stupid to name installed application as ".. for Mac".
      Of course it for Mac!!!

    5. r.fletcher 61 months ago | reply

      FYI, the register button placement makes a little more sense when you're logged in ("registered"). "Registered On: ..." appears in the empty space below "Registered User." The button is vertically centered between those two lines of text.

    6. Mason Hastie 61 months ago | reply

      The copy is just WRONG. These sheets are dynamic, use that capability to make things clear. If it's not registered have this:

      "Please register your Kindle Store account:"
      (with either a clickable button or the appropriate fields.)

      If it IS registered it should read as:

      "The device and any content purchased in the Kindle Store are registered to user:"
      (user info below)

      Hey Amazon, if you are listening, you can have this copy for FREE.

    7. reppep_reppep 61 months ago | reply

      Note that this is actually about registering your (presumably new) app or device with your existing Amazon account, not registering for a new account, so 'register' is a reasonable word choice.

    8. danvesma [deleted] 61 months ago | reply


    9. wezm 61 months ago | reply

      This is what happens when you do a rough job of being cross platform with Qt. Evidence for that gleaned from the absence of NIBs in the application bundle and references to Qt in the binary (otool -o -V Kindle\ for\\ for\ Mac)

    10. hepwori 61 months ago | reply

      easy target.

    11. Justin Lowery 61 months ago | reply

      Yep. This is a Windows app ported sloppily to the Mac. Hey, look on the bright side—On Windows, crap worse than this is the norm!

    12. Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool 61 months ago | reply

      Reminds me of the days when every other WIndows application was named "____ For Windows".

    13. jindofox 61 months ago | reply

      It's important that they get this out there; tweaking and polishing can come later. I'll bet the iPad version has exactly the same warts in the exact same places.

    14. Rob in PDX 61 months ago | reply

      What you need now, jindofox, is a time machine.

    15. Henk Poley 61 months ago | reply

      They should have used the QDialogButtonBox, it's in QT since October 4, 2006 (QT4.2)

    16. Nicolás Miari 60 months ago | reply

      They should have used Cocoa, period.

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