Two Years Ago Today, This Was Still My Phone

For another three hours, that is.

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  • Patrick Wang 6y

    I have that exact phone and I still keep it for trips overseas where I can pop in a local SIM card. The near-infinite battery life is indispensable in unfamiliar lands.
  • Faruk Ateş 6y

    You should start a group/pool, "This Was My Phone" for photos of the phone you had until you got your first iPhone.

    (I don't even remember what phone I had myself, just that it sucked and I hated using it)
  • Julian Moffatt 6y

    I had the "amazing" Blackberry 7250. I left a grandfathered plan with my local Telco (where I got free weekends and Mondays!) for Rogers. Us Canadians had to wait an extra year for our iPhones.

    The hardest part about it was that I had to tell my left winger of 10 years that I was no longer going to be using his mobile companies services. That hurt me more than him I'm sure.
  • Alvaro Munoz-Aycuens Mtnz. 6y

    This was mine:


    After a long wait for finding the correct device Apple came to the rescue.
  • Mark Walley 6y

    Without starting some troll war or whatever, but all you commentors are yanks aren't you. Because back in the day (9 and a lot years ago when I was 16) it was all about phoning and texting people and for that the crappy Nokia 3210 (or later 3310/30 that was smaller and had
    snake 2) was the bees knees. And that was the phone that western Europe had. Obviously the iPhone is the dog's bollocks (the bees knees +10 smiting) but there were good phones before then. Even phones good enough to use as a PDA (my Nokia 6680 and N80
    both iSync'd brilliantly and redundanted my diary). Obviously as far away from my iPhone as they were from 2 tin cans and a string but still damn good phones (as long as you didn't try to use them to write Flickr comments on the toilet.)
  • Terry Maraccini 6y

    Great phone
  • mieky 6y

    Really. Two years ago my phone had 3G, IMAPIDLE-capable mail, ran third party apps in the background and had a webkit browser capable of AJAX. I had a choice of networks, an eighteen month contract, and an SSH client and multi-protocol IM client on day one. Europe, it's a funny place.

    But I've got a spare AMEN BROTHER! if any of you need one. :)
  • Riccardo Mori 6y

    Before the iPhone 3G, I kept using some old mobile phones, favouring the Sony CMD Z7. Believe it or not, despite its tiny size the battery still lasts a day, more or less.

  • Mitch 6y

    I was using the Motorola SLVR (complete piece of crap).

    Kept the original iPhone for 2 years and now have the iPhone 3GS.
  • Charles Wiriawan 6y

    Sony Ericsson T610 vs K800i by Shanghai Daddy
    E51 by Shanghai Daddy
  • Ronald Bardalez 6y

    Motorola L6i by ronald_poi

    This was mine. Can't believe how fast time goes by...
  • can4spam 6y

    A 6-year old Ericsson T39; what a love/hate that was. A 2000 phone that would Bluetooth sync with my iCal and Address Book. I was holding out for a full screen phone that used Ink or Graffiti, like the Ming. The iPhone missed 7 of my must have points but my son gave it to me for my birthday.
  • Christian Løverås 6y

    I used a Nokia E65 (look at it! ha-ha-ha!):

    Today I have an iPhone 3G, and a quite new free-from-my-employer N95 lying unused in a drawer (with the same horrible operating system as the E65).
  • Kevan Emmott 6y

    Repurposing one meme for another ("The Items we carry"):

  • Solimander 6y

    @kevan You drive a Saab? Sweet! What kind? I have a 2002 9-3.
  • Jim Lafferty 6y

    Hah, I had the same exact phone!
  • Kevan Emmott 6y

    2001 9-3 Convertible. We've since replaced the VW with a GMC Acadia.
  • sg_harrison 6y

    Just got my iphone 3GS!. I had an older iphone 2g, which I imported from the USA in 2007 and hacked it to work in Oz.

    I have to keep remembering how revolutionary these phones are, I tell people I've upgraded from my ancient 2G iphone to the 3GS, and yet the 2G is still light years better than any other phone available in Oz, except the 3G/3GS. Plenty of people have offered to take the 2G off my hands, but my wife got in first, its her's now.

    I'm also loving the fact I could buy it unlocked from the apple store in Sydney, I can upgrade the software without having to wait for the hacks.

    Apart from this the only other phone I ever really liked was my nokia 8210 I got back in 1999. I had that phone for years, it was small and battery lasted for ever. But it only ever was a phone. The 3GS is a pocket computer that makes phone calls, plays videos, takes pictures, plays music and gives me directions.
  • 88michael 6y

    Does it still work?
  • grrr223 3y

    @GlennFleishman I had that phone as well. I actually broke one, and since they had stopped selling it bought a second used one on eBay to replace it. It had Bluetooth, long battery life, a camera [it's funny now that those things were even considered cameras]. I still laugh today when people say "I lost all my contacts when I lost my phone" because I had been syncing that to my laptop over bluetooth since 2004.
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Taken on June 29, 2009
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