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    The current #1 bookmark on the Delicious Popular list is a link to the DiggBar version of this page.

    kurafire, Ida Aalen, thrashr888, and 6 other people added this photo to their favorites.

    1. fraying 61 months ago | reply

      If only Delicious had a DelBar, so they could frame the framers....

    2. hoberion 61 months ago | reply

      So a site "ripping off" other peoples content (wallpapers) then gets ripped off themselfs :)

    3. James John Malcolm 61 months ago | reply

      So Digg's getting credit for introducing a lot of people to the site. That's not a problem in my book.

    4. MattMaber [aka Somefool] 61 months ago | reply

      Any whats more most of the wallpapers, imho are rubbish.

    5. jd.inaz 61 months ago | reply

      The site is "ripping off" anything. They listed a photo of each wallpaper with a link to the original author's page where it can be downloaded.

      Unfortunately, the site doesn't need Digg to introduce the site... it's wildly popular. And the problem is, the site doesn't benefit in the rankings from the page's popularity - only Digg does.

    6. Joe Mac Stevens [deleted] 61 months ago | reply

      I like the Diggbar but this isn't cool, shortened urls are useless on delicious and I don't want a delicious full of diggbar links. Digg should make the URL shortening optional, you only need it for Twitter anyway.

    7. Louije 61 months ago | reply

      So you switched back to Safari 3 style.

    8. James John Malcolm 61 months ago | reply

      If the site was already so popular, *that* url would have been up there.

    9. sephiroth5203 61 months ago | reply

      How do you make it so that you can see link destinations at the bottom of the screen in Safari 4? I miss this feature and don't see where to turn it back on.

    10. blech​ 61 months ago | reply

      On the subject of popularity: the plain URL has been bookmarked by over 800 people, whereas the Digg short URL version is currently under 300. In other words, the site is popular, but the new burst of traffic (which is what gets you onto /popular/) coming from it being on Digg isn't counting against its URL, but against Digg: entirely the point of all the critics of the bar in the first place.

      sephiroth5203: View > Show Status Bar. Shortcut is ⌘/.

    11. someToast 61 months ago | reply

      @James John Malcom:

      The original URL is up there, and with three times the number of saved links:


      Interestingly, the DiggBar version opens with a different page title than the original page (until you dismiss the bar).

      *edit: You know, what blech​ said. : )

    12. bongo 61 months ago | reply

      A friend posted the Digg version of the "woman with a translucent extra arm" story on Facebook. You can imagine what happened when I clicked the link...

    13. sephiroth5203 61 months ago | reply

      (thanks blech)

    14. bhagemann 61 months ago | reply

      i like the diggbar. i think this is WAY overblown. but fun to watch the blogosphere go nuclear over someone doing what they do themselves but differently!

    15. James John Malcolm 61 months ago | reply

      @someToast Taking the numbers 920&280, we see that Digg has introduced a quarter of the total people to that site (on delicious).

      My point is: if those 280 had already known about the site, they would have bookmarked the original url.

    16. MattMaber [aka Somefool] 61 months ago | reply

      @blech but with any change to digg's url system or if digg goes down and all those 300 delicious bookmarks are useless.

    17. someToast 61 months ago | reply

      @James John Malcom: And my point is, without the DiggBar taking over the browser's address field, those 280 would have bookmarked the original URL (instead of, as this writing, saving three new Digg-link variations).

    18. Vortech 61 months ago | reply

      Also, it does nothing to prevent recursive framing so you can get a digg bar inside a digg bar. This is going to be a whipping boy in many future web theory conversations.

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