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    I mentioned on Twitter that the app I was most disappointed not to find in the initial App Store selection was a good, simple notes app with web-backed storage or synching to the desktop of some sort. A slew of people asked me what was wrong with Evernote. I’d say pretty much everything.

    On the left, the editing UI for a new note. That's me typing "This UI is horrible". On the right, that's what you see after saving the note and then opening it to read. Yes, you can two-finger zoom to actually read it, but you can't actually edit the note again. You can't even edit the title or the tags. Useless.

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    1. syff 81 months ago | reply

      I can't believe this app has been approved by Apple. Was that done like way before they saw the finalised app?

    2. colinaut 81 months ago | reply

      Ugh. sorry I was one of the people who tweet suggested this app. I too was just using the photo notes mostly and had yet to read one of my text notes. That is lame.

    3. marcowitte 81 months ago | reply

      If you search for a good notes app which also can much more, give things a try.

    4. Yong Hwee 81 months ago | reply

      Alright, that's quite useless. Will probably look at Things or OmniFocus.

    5. bump 81 months ago | reply

      Things and Omnifocus are totally different types of apps. Things for iPhone is pretty much useless in it's current state too.

    6. stephenmckinney 81 months ago | reply

      I use Omnifocus and I am relatively happy. It can feel slow at times and requires Webdav or me.com to sync up, but it is fully featured. Since I use it on my Mac for all information capture it works for me.

    7. umijin 81 months ago | reply

      C'mon Gruber. This is a free app, and these developers will certainly work hard to improve it, just like they have the Mac client for EN. In fact they just released an update to the iPhone client.

      You have a point about the notes function (I find it unusable), but I think the iPhone client is more intended as a bridge to the web content. I use the EN iPhone client to look over some information I posted to my EN library previously.

      How about you save your ire for the MLB app, which at $5 (subscription??) does a poorer job displaying stats than the free SportsTap?

      And don't blame EN for being featured on the appstore - that's Apple's fault. Apple can't even display the newest apps in the NEW section - just the apps it likes (or that paid for advertising).

    8. brian hefele 81 months ago | reply

      The Evernote client on the Mac has its own troubles... But nothing as troubling as this! Overall I like their service (and the Mac client) enough that if I had an iPhone I would be livid about this UI... Their service (to me) is all about having access to my notebook wherever I may be, so to have an app available that would be promising but not really up to par.... disappointing. Does their web client work better than this (or perhaps more importantly,at all) on mobile Safari?

    9. rombocket 81 months ago | reply

      Their web-client, which is iPhone-optimized, works significantly better than the App proper. It's still got some issues, but the thing is usable.

    10. Aegir 81 months ago | reply

      I'm amazed by the lack of note apps, Notes app doesn't sync and is patronising (I mean, Marker Felt? I'm not a child!) so I hoped there'd be a few more. There's lots of to-do apps, but nothing you can use to write a few paragraphs with.

      Does this mean I'm going to have to learn objective C and write my own?

    11. plibin 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the constructive feedback.

      We released an update today (1.0.1) that fixes many of these issues. It's available from this iTunes link and should auto-upgrade as well if you already have 1.0 installed. Note editing directly on the iPhone is coming soon (as soon as we get comfortable enough with the iPhone text editor to let it perform potentially destructive operations on your account). For now, you can edit notes on the Mac, Windows or Web clients and the changes will show up on the iPhone app. Capturing, viewing and searching image, voice and text notes all work pretty well.

      Full details on the new upgrade are here.

      Thanks for helping us figure out this new platform. I'm glad that many people liked the iPhone app and am sorry that it didn't live up to everyone's expectations. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are always welcome!

      Phil Libin
      CEO, Evernote

    12. Calamita 81 months ago | reply

      Thanks Phil. This is good news. I haven't tried Evernote yet as I don't have an iPhone (can't bring myself to wait 4 hours in line in NYC), but I'll download it when I do. It's good to know you arealready updating the iPhone client.

    13. oilfighter.info 80 months ago | reply

      I think an offline mode is sorely needed on the iPhone.

      Just to give an example, I use the notes app to store my WEP key. Hmmm... if I can't get online, how am I going to retrieve that WEP key?

    14. juanromeroabelleira 80 months ago | reply

      I have Evernote on Mac and iPhone and love it. Evernote came a long way and is continuously improving. There's no doubt in my mind, that they will adress said issues in a timely fashion.

    15. alexluft [deleted] 79 months ago | reply



    16. resistmedia 79 months ago | reply

      Hey feel free to join the Mobile UI Flickr group I created and add this your iPhone screen grabs! It's to serve as a repository of mobile ui screenshots for designers and developers.


      I haven't been able to hit the ground running with Evernote on my iPhone yet, I think I'll have to try it on my iMac first.

    17. erin_si 79 months ago | reply

      When I first read about this app on Lifehacker, I thought I had had an epiphany - tagable notes of text, audio, images with OCR that synced with my iphone, amazing. Then I went to look at a map I had added on my iphone. Hopefully Phil Libin will come back and read this again - PLEASE, OFFLINE ACCESS REALLY IS ESSENTIAL. Just a tick box somewhere to "store this note on my mobile device for offline access" is not to much to ask is it?

    18. isaacman 78 months ago | reply

      Wow - I found the flame crew about Evernote. Seems like everyone else is headed to the revival meeting with a picnic basket.

      I thought the idea was great, but the complexity of the Mac version sidebar and the way the iPhone version crashes on photos makes it no fun to use.

      Thinking about going back to Backpack - even at $7 per month. They say you get what you pay for? Maybe if I had to pay for more free signups I wouldn't sign up for so many things.

    19. Scott Thigpen 68 months ago | reply

      I was really hoping good things for the NEW evernote, but it's everFail

      it never syncs and just gives me "fail" everytime

    20. Scott Thigpen 68 months ago | reply

      oh and I've had great success with Things

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