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Fig. 1. Anchiornis huxleyi (BMNHC PH828) with scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) of samples from the feathers. (A) Part with inset of isolated right hindlimb. The left forelimb is seen in ventral view, the right in dorsal. (B) Explanatory drawing: numbered dots indicate samples from the part (red) and counterpart (blue) (Table S4, Fig. S5). (CH) SEMs of melanosomes and melanosome impressions taken from samples 7 (C), 6 (D), 5 (E), 18 (F), 24 (G) and 21 (H). Abbreviations: (Ga) gastralia, (Fu) furcula, (Lh) left humerus, (Lm) left manus, (Lp) left pes, (Lr) left radius, (Ls) left scapula, (Lu) left ulna, (Mu) manual ungual, (Rh) right humerus, (Rm) right manus, (Rr) right radius, (Ru) right ulna, (Rs) right scapula. Scale bars: (A, B) 5 cm except insert, 2 cm; (C-H) 1 μm.

DOI: 10.1126/science.1186290

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Uploaded on February 5, 2010