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FIG. 1. -- Cladogram of relationships among representatives of 69 parrot genera and 8 outgroup taxa based on a strict consensus of 4 trees obtained from combined parsimony (MP) analysis of the 4 sequence partitions (COI + ND2, TROP, TGFB2, and RDPSN) with coded gaps. MP bootstrap support values for each node are shown above the branches with values of 100% indicated by asterisks; Bremer decay index values are shown below. The classifications of Rowley (1997) and Collar (1997) are indicated by bars on the right: I) family Cacatuidae, II) subfamily Loriinae, and, within the subfamily Psittacinae, the tribes a) Strigopini, b) Nestorini, c) Psittrichadini, d) Psittacini e) Arini, f) Psittaculini, g) Micropsittini, h) Platycercini, and i) Cyclopsittacini.

DOI: 10.1093/molbev/msn160.


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