A Groupon Holiday Party Miracle
Once a year, as Old Man Winter begins to accidentally fall asleep on top of the city, tradition dictates that we gather together beneath his heft in order to lift him up, if only temporarily, with the warmth of our camaraderie. Groupon employees joined in this grand demonstration by attending the miracle that is this year’s Groupon Holiday Party at the Aragon Ballroom on December 16th, 2011.

Guests made their own dress choice (fancy or quasifancy) and brought a plus one for a night they will or won’t soon forget, depending on a variety of factors. As a music venue, the Aragon had no choice but to swell with sounds of music throughout the night by the likes of Rock Candy and DJ Sasha Savic and Miro on the Drums. Drinks were complimentary, as were any words from Dan Jessup about your dancing and/or festive holiday-hat choice.

Thanks for a great 2011 Groupon Employees! See you next year!


Photography by: Brandon C Tobin & Anjali Pinto
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