Groupon Presents Umphrey's McGee @ Lincoln Hall 10.19.11
Chicago-based prog-rock virtuosos Umphrey's McGee dazzle aural cortices with ever-changing set lists and a heaping platter of new songs as they kicked off Groupon's new showcase for local artists at Lincoln Hall on October 19th, 2011.

Blending rock styles from across the decades, the band fuses inimitable technical prowess with chemistry developed over the course of a friendship that dates back to their days at Notre Dame, ensuring no two concerts are alike. The band's beloved live performances mesmerize fans with radiant light shows and at times encourages them to text suggestions for songs or hairstyles.

About 15 minutes before the show was scheduled to start, the entire city block went dark! We had lost power. Back up generators kicked on, keeping the venue illuminated.

Umphrey's was determined to make the show happen! Umphrey's said it best, "The Show Must Go On"! They did not have PA, monitors, vocal microphones, and 4 lights (soon to be 3). Somehow, they still managed to put on an incredible show! One that UM fans will always remember!

Big thanks to Umphrey's McGee, Lincoln Hall and Jimmy Chamerberlin!

Photographs by Brandon Tobin
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