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Rplot.exe Screen Capture - Updated 7/6/2015 | by grogley
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Rplot.exe Screen Capture - Updated 7/6/2015

This is a GUI I have created to plot/animate the data from my simulation. This GUI was created with the SimplyFortran developement environment, using the AppGraphics extensions. This version can navigate the large numbers of data files created from simulation with the following features:


Create offsets for the x-y-z coordinates (positive or negative)


Speed up or slow down the animation by reading the data files at a larger/smaller increments.


Zoom in or out by changing the plotting scale. Zooming in far enough can reveal object sizes as they are plotted as circles with the radius of the object force softening radius.


Reverse the time direction, forwards or backwards in time.


Pause the animation.


Allow shifting the plot origin to the center-of-mass of two objects or just to a single object.


Prints the the simulation elapsed time and the number of objects in the view port to the text window, This is done every 5th plot cycle.


A subtle feature recently added was to change the intensity of the plotted points depending on how far the object is from the plane being viewed. For example, if you are looking at left view-port, that is the viewing the X-Y plane from a +Z direction. Objects nearest Z=0 will be brighter white than those far away from the Z=0 plane. Same is true for the Z-Y plane on the right, only now if the objects are far from the Z-Y they become very faint. This helps the viewer discern objects that may appear to be close but are not. If they appear close but are a different intensity, they are not close in simulation coordinates.


Another feature is a "rplot.ini" file that controls some of the start up conditions. Plot scale, file starting point, file increment, and window dimensions are all things that can be controlled via this file. Another option is to set a flag to create screen capture files which can be used to create simulation videos.


This program replaced another application that I had been using for nearly a decade, but had no user interface, only command line driven input. I must say that I am extremely happy with the affordable SimplyFortran solution for hobby needs. Also SF offers very quick responses to questions and issues. SimplyExcellent!


More than you could ever want to know about my simulation can be found by rooting around in my new simulation website at this link;

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Uploaded on March 17, 2015