• green tea for skateboarders - leff
  • minnie mouse bow - incase you were wondering
  • In case you forget where the accent falls on "the" - calvo

green tea time

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just incase there's a meme going around...
notice my cup with the haaaaaaaats?

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  1. Rakka ages ago | reply

    ooooh!!! that's fancy tea and such a nice haaaaaaat mug!! D:!

    the vert is t eh bomb!! :D! (i don't have an accent making key. or if i do, i don't know how to use it.)

  2. groc ages ago | reply

    yeah, only us l33t know how 2 do dat...

  3. traveller_sam ages ago | reply

    I just have one Thé Vert Pur. But my mug is not so nice.

    (I know how to make an accent only with German keyboard layout, so I have to switch.)

  4. Rakka ages ago | reply

    oh! i can look like i can type "thé vert" now that chrisj typed it and i cut and pasted it! :D!

    thanks, chrisj! :D!

  5. bunchofpants ages ago | reply

    Beautiful mug! It looks so good I think I need to go make another cuppa!

    And Rakka, Mac or Windoze? On the mac it's simple: option+e then the letter over which the accent is to reside. On windoze each accented letter has a different keystroke combo (and apparently it can be different from font to font), but alt+0233 usually does it. (Someone tell me there's an easier way ... )

  6. groc ages ago | reply

    character map

  7. Rakka ages ago | reply

    (tee hee! *blushing!* thanks everybody! :D!)

  8. traveller_sam ages ago | reply

    Anytime, Rakka ;)

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