• pink heart
  • 3 colour rainbow
  • crock of gold
  • 4 leaf clover
  • leprechaun's bowler with 4 leaf clover
  • blue moon
  • horseshoe
  • shooting star
  • er... pink balloon? spleen?
  • symbol used by annoying christian fundamentalists
  • belle
  • cross?
  • mushroom?
  • oh! (I was wondering) - niffer
  • thought it was a rocket ship! - niffer
  • hot water bottle? - niffer
  • aren't those tiny little legs there? I think it's Darwin-ist. - niffer
  • 'tis a pink balloon. lucky, the leprechaun, used a pink balloon to get away from some greedy children once and now it's included in the cereal.
    i'm very up to date on my 'merican folklore. ;D - Rakka
  • but didn't they try to steal his spleen in a different commercial? - niffer
  • i'd forgotten all about that one!
    didn't he beat up some cop with the spleen? and didn't he keep yelling over and over while he was doing it"why's it taken you so f-ing long to do something about those kids stealin' me lucky charms?!?!" - Rakka

lucky charms

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(unlucky 13?)

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  1. niffer ages ago | reply

    Lucky charms has changed a lot!
    where are the stars and diamonds? what's all this new stuff? and multi-colored marshmallows??? how'd they do that?
    the boring cereal part looks the same though, maybe.

    didn't "13" used to a positive number whose status was changed when "they" tried to banish paganism?

  2. Emporer Rhubarb [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Better than Weetabix Groc, more colours great

  3. Rakka ages ago | reply

    oooh! pretty!

    (i think you're right about the number 13, niffer! you know about everything! :D! (i always have to google stuff. tee hee!)

    never noticed the fish before. i always thought those were supposed to be the shapes of the four kinds of cards (you know, hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades). looks like i was wrong!

    (small voice) but i like weetabix... :D!

  4. groc ages ago | reply

    it might represent the original 13 states - or something naff like that.

  5. niffer ages ago | reply

    13 witches in a coven. but wait ~ there's more!

    I was wondering about the fish, too. That wasn't there before?

  6. Rakka ages ago | reply

    i got this image of the gadston flag snake being made up of lucky charms in my head and now i can't stop laughing!

  7. niffer ages ago | reply

    make a mosaic! make a mosaic!!!!!
    (or fake it with photoshop!)

  8. groc ages ago | reply

    i'm writing from memory but i think 13 got the unlucky tag because of the last supper - the 13th member being that naughty Judas chap.

  9. Rakka ages ago | reply

    well, that would explain the d### fish...

  10. groc ages ago | reply

    now I've read the link Niffer gave - it makes sense about the Romans thinking 13 was unlucky (an idea they would've nicked from some other religion) and then the Christians nicking that. Not a lot of people know what a hotch-potch of nicked ideas Christianity really is.

  11. Rakka ages ago | reply

    no, not many do. but it sure tastes good with milk though!

    mmmmm....christianity! the breakfast of champeeens!

  12. groc ages ago | reply

    yeah, soya milk wouldn't cut it nor would any fruit juice.

  13. Rakka ages ago | reply

    maybe some water...but only if it was the kind that could turn into wine.

    (sacralicious! ;D!)

  14. cleanskies ages ago | reply

    Good lord. You eat that?

  15. Rakka ages ago | reply

    (nah, contrary to popular belief, not all 'mericans eat what is fed to them. :D!

    oooooh, you mean the cereal!!


  16. ratstomp18 94 months ago | reply

    I remember when there were blue diamonds

    but then Viagra came out...

  17. Unparallel Photography 86 months ago | reply

    I remember one time I ate Lucky Charms.

  18. lemontonic21 76 months ago | reply

    at first sight I thought they look like chromosomes *hehe*
    essential breakfast I guess.

    my sister is eating them over in Canada so I had to check on these tasty cereals.

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